March 20-21, 2019
new york, USA (United States of America)
Chem & SpectroChrom  2019 is a world leading conference which deals with frontiers in chemistry and for the development of many more drugs to overcome the diseases in the present world. Chemical Biology research include studies of enzyme mechanisms, membrane structure and function, drug discovery, protein folding, cellular receptors, and macromolecular structure determination. Novel biosynthetic and chemical strategies are being used to synthesize small molecules for use in probing enzyme mechanisms, exploring ligand-receptor interactions and in treating disease. Methods such as high resolution NMR, mass spectrometry, stopped-flow kinetics, fluorescence, CD, UV/vis, and Raman spectroscopies are used to probe macromolecule structure, function and folding. Inorganic chemistry research includes synthetic and physical inorganic chemistry, organometallics, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, bioinorganic chemistry, coordination chemistry and inorganic materials chemistry. Wide range of research projects includes the synthesis and characterization of new inorganic compounds and materials with applications towards biochemistry mechanism elucidation, in-situ medical imaging, organometallic reaction mechanisms, radiochemistry, energy production, and energy storage.