XENDEE Partners with Idaho National Laboratory for Net-Zero Carbon Microgrid Program

XENDEE Corporation and Idaho National Laboratory | January 15, 2022

XENDEE Corporation and Idaho National Laboratory have partnered to build a design platform for Net-Zero Carbon Microgrids. The platform will consider a wide variety of distributed energy and sustainable technologies, including solar photovoltaic, battery storage, electric vehicle fast-charging stations, hydrokinetic power, hydro-storage, traditional combined heat and power systems, and small nuclear reactors to optimize Microgrid designs and minimize environmental impacts while also capturing the best return on investment.

Essential to the development of the program was also a strong emphasis on greenhouse gas reductions, since as it stands, traditional generators running on fossil fuels still make up the backbone of most Microgrid implementations.

The Net-Zero Carbon platform is based on XENDEE’s Microgrid design and operation software, which will act as the optimization engine, power flow simulation tool, and cloud-based Microgrid operator. XENDEE calculates the optimal time to make investment decisions, accounts for year over year changes in the financial and technological environment and can simulate the operation of the Microgrid at peak efficiency to meet organizational goals and resiliency requirements.

Net-Zero Carbon Microgrids offer an exceptional solution to large public and private energy consumers, lifting the burden of centralized distribution, ensuring long-term energy security, and specifically addressing greenhouse gases as a priority parameter for technical design,”

Michael Stadler, CTO of XENDEE

As part of INL’s pre-project research, 25 functional requirements were identified as necessary for developing a Net Zero Carbon Microgrid Planning and Design Tool.

INL performed extensive pre-procurement market research and XENDEE was identified as the only solution with a comprehensive platform that met all the 25 requirements. XENDEE was also the only platform that offered integrated modeling for greenhouse gas emissions, which was vital to addressing carbon emissions as an essential part of the design process.

“XENDEE offered a single comprehensive tool for Microgrid design and modeling that efficiently optimizes design and investment, power flow simulations, and organizational goals to meet resiliency requirements and cost efficiency,” said Tim McJunkin, Ph.D., Distinguished Researcher in Power and Energy Systems. “Additionally, with modeling considerations for greenhouse gas emissions and a variety of energy generation technologies, we can harness a variety of solutions to offer sustainability without sacrificing resiliency and energy security. This is why we selected XENDEE, and now we are partnering with XENDEE.”

As part of this partnership, XENDEE will also be enhancing its software to model small modular nuclear reactors.

“With the ever-increasing demands on regional utilities, aging infrastructure, and rising fuel costs, Microgrids have a unique opportunity to meet the challenges of climate change and contribute to a carbon-free power delivery system without overburdening energy markets and consumers,” said Ning Kang, Ph.D., Department Manager of Power and Energy Systems at INL. “The addition of small nuclear reactor technology can offer a unique zero-carbon solution while also meeting the load requirements of large industrial facilities and military bases.”

To fully realize the new Net-Zero Carbon design tool for microgrids, INL and XENDEE will build upon the XENDEE platform to standardize design, research, investment, and decision support. XENDEE will also provide advanced training and continued project and feature support, including new technologies, as INL continues to verify the design tool through their Hardware-in-the-Loop system and perform onsite verification through public and private participants. INL’s technical report on Net-Zero Microgrids is available on the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Scientific and Technical Information website.

XENDEE develops world-class Microgrid decision support software that helps designers and investors optimize and certify the Fight-Through™ resilience and financial performance of projects with confidence. The XENDEE Microgrid platform enables a broad audience, from business decision-makers to scientists, to support investments in Microgrids and maintain electric power reliability when integrating renewable generation sources.

About Idaho National Laboratory
Battelle Energy Alliance manages INL for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy. INL is the nation’s center for nuclear energy research and development, and also performs research in each of DOE’s strategic goal areas: energy, national security, science and the environment. 


Which the industry touts as the “cleanest of all fossil fuels,” threatens to dirty drinking water with toxic chemicals used in drilling. Rivers, lakes and groundwater already face threats from industrial pollution, agricultural runoff, and overdevelopment. Adding an unnecessary threat to one of the most valuable resources is dangerous.

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Triangle Lithium LLC Announces Kickoff of Antofalla Drilling Campaign

Triangle Lithium LLC | March 29, 2022

Triangle Lithium LLC is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Triangle Lithium Argentina, SA a joint venture with Lithium Energi Argentina, SA has finalized and executed all the contracts required to kick off its drilling campaign in the Antofalla Salar in Catamarca Province, Argentina. Work will commence in the next ten days. Trila finalized the execution of contracts with Dorado Exploraciones y Servicios, a mining services contractor owned by the former Secretary of Mines for Catamarca Province, Rodolfo Micone. Resulting from relationships derived during his many years as the head of SEM, Sr. Micone is one of the most well-known mining industry experts in the region and has hand-picked the "best of the best" for the subcontractor group being engaged for the implementation of the Campaign. Central to the sub-contracting group is Hidrotec, SRL, perhaps the most experienced salar drilling company in Argentina. The Campaign will initially undertake 2,400 meters of drilling in six "diamantinas," narrow diameter, core holes drilled with diamond drill bits to obtain and extract physical cores samples. The average total depth ("TD") per well is anticipated to be 400 meters; however deeper horizons may also be explored based on real-time field results. The core samples will reveal porosity, permeability, and chemical analysis critical for development planning and resource valuation. Core samples are planned for analysis at Geosystems Analysis, Inc. in Tucson, Arizona, one of the foremost analytical laboratories in the world for analyzing lithium brine core samples. After tagging bottom at TD, packer tests will be conducted from bottom hole up to surface to obtain sizable quantities of brine. Brine sample analysis will be conducted at Alex Stewart Laboratories to yield a complete spectroscopic analysis of brine chemistry and lithium concentrations. In addition, a minimum of 10,000 gallons of brine obtained during the Campaign will be sent to Triangle's technology provider, International Battery Metals to run through its direct lithium (DLE) extraction plant to determine verifiable lithium extraction rates and other critical determinations. Moreover, these tests will enable IBAT to tailor its modular DLE plant for the particular chemistry of Trila's properties in Antofalla for maximum efficiency and efficacy. The Antofalla basin is a long, narrow, fault-based graben – identified as one of the world's largest entrapment depressions hosting lithium-bearing brine – and its total depth is not well known. Published data from drilling campaigns executed by other exploration companies on claims near the JV's claims in the Antofalla Salar have reportedly yielded indications of significant volumes of lithium-bearing brine with concentrations ranging from 350 to 650 ppm. Trila has engaged a highly-experienced team to plan, execute, and analyze the Campaign, including qualified persons designated to govern the sampling and testing protocols. Australian QP Murray Brooker, a well-known professional with many years of hands-on salar drilling knowledge in Argentina, will lead those aspects of the Campaign. Based on field results obtained during the Campaign, Trila may elect to expand the Campaign to include multiple rotary wells, which are larger diameter wells suited for implementation of long-term pumping tests that are requisite to determining the drawdown and recharge rates related to brine extraction from the subterranean aquifers. At its conclusion and based on the data obtained from the core samples and pump tests, the Campaign is expected to yield an NI. 43-101 resource estimate, which the company believes could be ready for publication in Q4 of 2022. "We are proud beyond words to have assembled, in record time, a world-class team to undertake this initial drilling campaign in the Antofalla Salar. And we are confident that once undertaken, the Campaign will yield results that validate our belief that Antofalla is one of the world's great lithium resources." Triangle's CEO, Ali Rahman Sorcia Metal Corporation CEO and Triangle's Chairman, Daniel Layton, stated that "With our ability to utilize Sorcia's IBAT technology license, we see the potential for actual lithium production as achievable in our near-term horizon, possibly as early as Q1 2023, emerging right when the world needs these commodities the most."

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Rosewood Private Investments Announces the Acquisitions of American Petroleum and Petroleum Equipment Company

Rosewood Private Investments | January 19, 2022

Rosewood Private Investments is pleased to announce the acquisitions of American Petroleum Sales and Service and Petroleum Equipment Company, Inc. which will be held under the new holding company, StationServ. AMPET, headquartered in Southaven, Mississippi, is a petroleum equipment distributor with full-service installation, distribution, and servicing capabilities. Founded by Gary Murphy in 1990, the company operates out of four branch locations in Mississippi, Arkansas, and Tennessee. Originally founded in 1944, PECO is a leading petroleum equipment distributor and service company based in Richland, Mississippi, with customers in multiple states in the Southeast. Forrest Rhemann is a third-generation owner and has served as the company’s CEO for nearly 40 years. “By combining the businesses, we are able to extend the service offerings to both existing and new customer relationships. Additionally, we look forward to adding additional companies under the StationServ umbrella. Gary and Forrest have worked to build diverse companies with strong teams and loyal customers, and we are excited to see the combined companies grow together.” G.T. Barden, Managing Director of RPI AMPET and PECO are both distributors for the largest fuel dispenser OEM, Gilbarco. Their territories are geographically contiguous and will combine to allow the company to better service its customers. Infinity Capital Partners served as exclusive investment banking advisor to Rosewood. About Rosewood Private Investments Rosewood has a long history of investing in and creating value within numerous industries. RPI’s approach to working with operating partners to strategically grow companies through acquisitions and organic means has proven successful for all stakeholders. Our current holdings are focused on industrial services, fire & life safety services, IT services, and manufacturing technologies. In addition to these areas, we are pursuing new platforms in specialty chemicals, transportation & logistics, and outsourced business services, among others. We welcome any information about investment opportunities within these verticals.

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UGI and Vertimass Enter Agreement to Produce Renewable Fuels in the U.S. and Europe

UGI Corporation | January 06, 2022

UGI Corporation announced today that it has entered into a 15-year agreement with California-based technology developer, Vertimass, to utilize their catalytic technology to produce renewable fuels from renewable-ethanol in the U.S. and Europe. The agreement centers on the development of production facilities using Vertimass’ catalytic technology to convert renewable ethanol into renewable-propane and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The technology enables flexible production of the renewable fuels to align with regional market demand. Up to 50% of the total production capacity from the facilities can be renewable-propane that will support UGI’s ongoing efforts to provide innovative, low-carbon, sustainable energy solutions to its customers. UGI expects to invest either solely, jointly with Vertimass or in partnership with third parties to build and operate multiple production facilities over the next 15 years in locations across the U.S. and Europe, significantly increasing the supply of renewable-propane and SAF. UGI anticipates a total investment of roughly $500 million for the bolt-on production facilities over a 15-year period, including potential third party investment, with total production target from these aggregated facilities of approximately 1 billion gallons of combined renewable fuels per annum. The goal is to have the first production facility onstream in fiscal year 2024 with an annual production target of approximately 50 million gallons of combined renewable fuels. Vertimass employs catalytic technology to convert renewable ethanol and other renewable alcohols into renewable hydrocarbon fuels that are compatible with the existing equipment and infrastructure. This technology can be bolted on to existing ethanol production facilities, optimizing GHG emissions reduction, and bringing further end product diversification to the existing ethanol producer. The introduction of such ethanol-based “bio-refineries” is an attractive proposition for skilled job development and the opportunity to further drive energy independence using local resources. “This is another significant milestone in our commitment to providing renewable fuels to our customers. Our business development team continues to seek out innovative opportunities and I am delighted with our newly established partnership with Vertimass. We believe this partnership will deliver significant renewable LPG for our customers as well as bring investment opportunity to interested stakeholders.” Roger Perreault, President and Chief Executive Officer of UGI Corporation Charles Wyman, Vertimass President and Chief Executive Officer, continued “Vertimass is extremely excited to work with UGI to commercialize our breakthrough technology. UGI and Vertimass have built strong relationships over the last year, which we believe will cement success.” Bill Shopoff, Vertimass Chair, noted “Together we will take advantage of this unique low-cost technology to transform ethanol facilities and produce renewable fuels that will cover UGI’s global footprint, as well as enable the production of SAF.” More About the Technology Vertimass is developing a unique Consolidated Alcohol Deoxygenation and Oligomerization technology to allow produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and diesel blendstocks that are compatible with the current transportation fuel infrastructure as well as LPG eliminate the ethanol “blend wall” by converting ethanol into fungible gasoline components for powering light duty vehicles, produce intermediates used to make plastics and other higher value products, and possibly debottleneck processes to increase throughput with little additional costs other than for feedstock. CADO completely converts wet ethanol into targeted hydrocarbons in a simple reactor system at moderate temperatures and near atmospheric pressure without adding hydrogen. Other benefits include the ability to lower plant water usage, reduce overall energy consumption, and drop GHG emissions to levels required for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Advanced Biofuel category. Introduction to Renewable-LPG (Renewable Propane) Renewable LPG, also known as renewable-propane, is chemically identical to today’s fossil LPG and therefore can be used with existing infrastructure. It has up to 80% lower carbon footprint than that of conventional LPG. About UGI Corporation UGI Corporation is a distributor and marketer of energy products and services. Through subsidiaries, UGI operates natural gas and electric utilities in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, distributes LPG both domestically and internationally, manages midstream energy assets in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia and electric generation assets in Pennsylvania, and engages in energy marketing, including renewable natural gas in the eastern region of the United States and California, and internationally in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK. About Vertimass Vertimass LLC is based in Irvine, California. The mission of Vertimass LLC is to develop and widely license breakthrough technologies that substantially expand production of sustainable transportation fuels and chemicals that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy security and domestic economies. Commercialization of proprietary Vertimass technology can overcome the blend wall that currently impedes expansion of ethanol production from multiple sources of biomass and open up large new markets for aircraft and heavy-duty vehicle fuels and for chemicals not currently amenable to ethanol.

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Imperial Dade Adds Scale in Southeast, Acquires North Alabama Chemical

Imperial Dade | May 19, 2022

Imperial Dade, a leading distributor of food service packaging and janitorial supplies, announced the acquisition of North Alabama Chemical. The transaction represents the 50th acquisition for Imperial Dade under the leadership of Robert and Jason Tillis, Chairman and CEO of Imperial Dade, respectively. Financial terms of the private transaction were not disclosed. Headquartered in Decatur, AL with two additional locations in Florence, AL and Huntsville, AL, NAC is a full-service provider of janitorial supplies, services and solutions owned and operated by Peter Farrell. The Company has built a strong reputation for its knowledgeable sales force, wide breadth of products, and high touch customer service. Now in partnership with Imperial Dade’s market leading platform, NAC’s customers can expect the same exceptional customized service coupled with an even greater offering of products and solutions. "NAC is a leading distributor in northern Alabama and has an excellent commitment to its customers, which makes it a great addition to the Imperial Dade platform," said Robert Tillis. “I am excited to partner with Peter and the NAC team to further grow our presence in northern Alabama in this next chapter of growth. This acquisition reinforces our focus to strengthen our presence in key growth markets to ensure our customers receive the highest quality service," said Jason Tillis. "Imperial Dade is a market leader with a strong culture and differentiated service quality, and we are excited to join their family. Under the leadership of Bob and Jason, we believe this partnership will strengthen our customer and supplier relationships," Peter Farrell, Owner of North Alabama Chemical About Imperial Dade Founded in 1935, Imperial Dade serves more than 90,000 customers across North America. Since Chairman Robert Tillis and CEO Jason Tillis assumed their roles in 2007, the company has grown both organically and through acquisitions to become a leader in the food service packaging and janitorial supplies industry.

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Which the industry touts as the “cleanest of all fossil fuels,” threatens to dirty drinking water with toxic chemicals used in drilling. Rivers, lakes and groundwater already face threats from industrial pollution, agricultural runoff, and overdevelopment. Adding an unnecessary threat to one of the most valuable resources is dangerous.