Huntsman Announces Acquisition of Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer Gabriel Performance Products

Huntsman | December 08, 2020

Huntsman Corporation today reported its consent to secure Gabriel Performance Products, a North American forte substance maker of strength added substances and epoxy restoring specialists for the coatings, glues, sealants and composite end-markets, from reserves claimed by Audax Private Equity.

Under terms of the arrangement, Huntsman will pay $250 million, subject to standard shutting changes, in an all-money exchange subsidized from accessible liquidity. Gabriel had 2019 incomes of around $106 million with three assembling offices situated in Ashtabula, Ohio, Harrison City, Pennsylvania and Rock Hill, South Carolina. In light of schedule year 2019, the price tag speaks to a changed EBITDA different of roughly multiple times, or around multiple times professional forma for cooperative energies. The exchange is required to shut in the main quarter of 2021 after administrative endorsements.

Remarking on the obtaining, Scott Wright, President of Huntsman's Advanced Materials division, stated: "The procurement of Gabriel Performance Products expands the contribution in our strength portfolio and is reciprocal to our ongoing securing of CVC Thermoset Specialties. Gabriel makes exceptionally specific hardening and restoring specialists and different added substances utilized in a wide scope of composite, glue and coatings applications. We expect that the Gabriel business will fortify our North America impression and give critical business collaborations as we grow and globalize their claim to fame items over our worldwide impression and client base. The securing will additionally upgrade our intensity and our top notch definitions business by improving our capacity to make separation in our clients' applications."

Peter Huntsman, Chairman, President and CEO further remarked: "With this obtaining we finish up a progression of vital activities in our Advanced Materials division we began in 2019 preceding the COVID-19 pandemic. Our underlying goal was to finished the acquisitions of Gabriel and CVC all the while, along with the divestiture of our India DIY business recently. Regardless of the difficulties made by COVID, I am satisfied that we have just shut on two of the exchanges and mean to close on the obtaining of Gabriel inside the principal quarter of 2021. We have altogether reinforced our Advanced Material's portfolio and widened our contributions to the market. In light of 2019 outcomes, when netting the three exchanges together, we are adding around $57 million of changed EBITDA professional forma for cooperative energies to our Advanced Materials division, for under multiple times EBITDA."


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Genalta Power and Proton Technologies Sign Fuel Supply LOI

Kopahawakenum | April 04, 2022

The Kopahawakenum 15-Megawatt Flare Gas to Power Facility announced by SaskPower, Flying Dust First Nation, and Genalta Power, online 2023, plans to purchase Flare Gas from Proton Canada’s nearby asset, according to a letter of intent recently signed between the CEO of Genalta, Paul Miller, and the CEO of Proton, Grant Strem. To ensure sufficient supply for the Kopahawakenum Facility, plus Proton’s own 4.2 MW Power Purchase Agreement and other off-takers, the plan is to install a Cryogenic Air Separation unit (ASU), for injecting pure oxygen and third-party CO2 into Proton’s underground oil deposit to increase hydrogen-productive reactions. Cold gases from the ASU can separate produced gases by freezing or liquifying these at various cold temperatures at the surface using passive heat exchange. Unwanted components like CO2 are planned to go back into the ground, where reactions can cause them to solidify into forms like carbonate rock. Proton has been demonstrating their patented method for accelerating carbonate creation within pores in the earth, by injecting steam boiler blow-down (reactive waste stream fluid) into their CO2-rich subsurface environment. Proton’s PPA has final approval and plans and designs for construction are underway. Genalta’s Kopahawakenum PPA is conditionally approved under Saskatchewan’s Oil and Gas Processing Investment Incentive (OGPII), and the Saskatchewan Petroleum Innovation Incentive (SPII), which provide royalty credits at a rate of 15% and 25% of expenses respectively, after the private investments are made. “I want to thank Genalta, the government of Saskatchewan, the First Nations Power Authority, and the Flying Dust First Nation for boldly and creatively enabling improvements over our current energy systems. There will be economic and ecological benefits from this first project, and we believe also from hundreds or even thousands of larger similar projects around the world in the long course of time, thanks to the efforts and investments of those involved in this global first. Proton is very pleased to have Genalta as our creative, positive customer. This flex-fuel offtake deal helps justify and enable a “small enough to be fast” commercial demonstration of core elements of Proton’s method to produce low cost hydrogen while sequestering carbon inside the earth as rock. Many oil assets late in their productive life cycle can be repurposed to make clean energy, leveraging the infrastructure and investments of the past. We plan to expand as fast as we can afford to.” Grant Strem Paul Miller said, “Kopahawakenum is a cornerstone project that will help the energy industry in Saskatchewan to meet the goals announced by the federal government to reduce GHG emissions 30% in the industry by 2030. Additionally it will be including First Nations in energy stewardship in the province in a meaningful way, creating long term jobs and a replicable approach to utilizing Flare and Vent Gas for power generation. Proton’s fuel supply is critical for the Kopahawakenum project. We thank Proton for their collaboration and support; their visionary project is a game changer in the energy industry with tremendous potential to provide large quantities of emissions free fuel at an economical price to the global market. We are proud to be working with them to further reduce emissions in Saskatchewan and hope to utilize their clean Hydrogen in the future as we continue to expand our clean power base in the province.”

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Shenzhen Catalyst Petrochemical CO., LTD. Expands Partnership with Cnooc&Shell Petrochemical Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Catalyst Petrochemical Co., LTD | March 14, 2022

SCPC and Cnooc&Shell Petrochemical Co., Ltd reached an important cooperation intention on the development of new HDPE products and metallocene Catalyst products. "SCPC is honored that CSPC has chosen to expand its existing cooperation with our company on the development of new HDPE products and metallocene Catalyst products. With the continuous improvement of global refining capacity, the increasingly strict Oil Standards and the continuous increase in the demand for chemical raw materials, the consumption of refining catalysts has been in a stable growth trend. Among them, the fastest growth is in new economies and developing countries, and SCPC is committed to bringing low-cost, helping to keep the global market well supplied, while meeting our customers' growing energy and climate goals. We look forward to working with CSPC for many years to bring the markets that need it most." SCPC CEO Jata Ren About Shenzhen Catalyst Petrochemical Co., Ltd., formerly an enterprise specializing in the production of engineering plastics, has been engaged in the R & D, production and sales of engineering plastics in Shenzhen for many years. In the process of development, also with the support of Grace company and the assistance of University Research Institute, the company decided to set up SCPC by a group of petrochemical field sales personnel who have worked in this field for many years to introduce products and advanced technologies of international well-known brands for petroleum, chemical fiber, plastics and other industrial customers to provide the best special chemicals. Meet the growing demand of Chinese consumers for high-end products.

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Six Pines Investments LLC purchases stake in top plastics recyclers to accelerate transformation to a circular economy for plastics

Six Pines | December 17, 2021

Six Pines Investments LLC, a wholly-owned, sustainable investment subsidiary of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC announced its equity investment in two leading circular plastics recyclers, Nexus Circular LLC and Mura Technology Ltd. In October 2020, CPChem announced success in its first commercial scale production of polyethylene using advanced recycling technology. The company markets its new circular polyethylene under the name Marlex® Anew™ Circular Polyethylene and is working toward an ambitious annual production goal of 1 billion pounds of circular polyethylene by 2030. Mura and Nexus are leading plastics recyclers that convert waste plastics into high quality feedstock used in advanced recycling technologies to produce circular plastics. These strategic investments made from its Six Pines subsidiary reflect CPChem’s commitment to foster innovation and accelerate the transition to a circular economy for plastics. “We are excited about the capabilities and opportunities at Mura and Nexus. We share a common goal to keep plastic waste out of the environment. Waste plastics should not end up in the environment, as they can be sustainably recycled to create new plastics again and again. Investing in Nexus and Mura will accelerate our efforts to produce Marlex® Anew™ Circular Polyethylene and the expansion of our circular product portfolio.” Benny Mermans, vice president of sustainability at CPChem Plastics are life-enriching products that are essential for our future; however, the plastic waste challenge must be addressed. CPChem believes that solving the global problem of plastic waste will require innovation, investment and cooperation throughout the entire plastics value chain. Six Pines’ investments advance CPChem’s ambition to reduce waste and reuse valuable resources, accelerating change for a sustainable future. About Six Pines Six Pines Investments LLC is a wholly-owned, sustainable investment subsidiary of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC one of the world’s top producers of olefins and polyolefins and a leading supplier of aromatics, alpha olefins, styrenics, specialty chemicals, plastic piping and polymer resins. With approximately 5,000 employees, CPChem and its affiliates own more than $17 billion in assets, including 31 manufacturing and research facilities in six countries. CPChem is equally owned indirectly by Chevron Corporation U.S.A. Inc. and Phillips 66 Company, and is headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas. About Nexus Nexus is the leading operational, commercially scaled converter of waste plastics to feedstocks, which in turn are converted back to virgin plastics. Nexus is rapidly rolling out plants globally with a limited set of partners ready to move quickly and with purpose to address the plastics waste problem, for which many seek a real, proven solution today. The process is an environmentally friendly (no wastewater, nor air issues) end-to-end business, including engineering, software, front-end waste plastic sorting, all regulatory requirements /ISCC Plus certification, training/safety, and strategic pricing/positioning, guided by financially driven metrics. Operational and economically proven, Nexus has produced and shipped consistent, on-spec tanker loads of products to large global partners who blend it in their current streams and convert to virgin plastics. Nexus is located in Atlanta, Georgia. About Mura Mura Technology intends to become the world’s leading producer of recycled hydrocarbons, creating a circular economy for plastic, whilst helping to decarbonize the petrochemical industry and eliminate global plastic pollution. We are pioneering a scalable process to divert waste plastic away from incineration, reduce carbon emissions and prevent millions of tons of plastic from entering the natural environment every year, turning the $120 billion lost resource of plastic waste into a valuable global commodity.

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Xilica® Commits to Net Zero Carbon Emissions

Xilica Corporation | January 27, 2022

Xilica®, a provider of collaboration products that help unlock the power of human connection, announces its commitment to decrease the carbon emissions throughout its business to net zero and achieve Climate Neutral CertifiedSM status. Xilica will be carbon neutral across its global value chain, meaning that every Xilica product sold will have net zero climate impact and support the responsibility efforts of its partners and end customers. As the first vendor in its category to publicly commit to carbon neutrality, Xilica intends to empower customers by enabling more informed purchasing decisions that tie back to a product's impact on the environment. It also hopes that increasing awareness around organizations' carbon footprints will help drive greater reduction efforts throughout the supply chain. "Businesses have a profound opportunity to help tackle the climate crisis, and limit its impact on economic prosperity, human health and well-being that disproportionately affect segments of society. We know that fighting climate change requires strong, coordinated action across industries, and hope our own efforts will make a positive contribution to the larger movement for greater environmental responsibility." James Knight, COO, Xilica As part of its commitment to carbon neutrality, Xilica will work with a range of independent partners including Climate Neutral, an international non-profit organization that collaborates with brands to help offset the entirety of their carbon emissions through systematic measurement and analysis of direct and indirect emissions, supply and management of carbon offsets, and best practice guidance. "Consumers today are yearning for evidence that companies are aware of their contribution to climate change and committed to erasing it," said Climate Neutral CEO Austin Whitman. "We're thrilled to have Xilica commit to this journey. They will join our growing list of certified companies that are proving that we're living in a new era of leadership on climate by top brands." About Climate Neutral Climate Neutral is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to decrease global carbon emissions by creating a trusted net-zero certification for consumer brands. The Climate Neutral Certified label empowers consumers to consciously support companies that measure their entire carbon footprint, offset it in its entirety, and implement strategies to reduce it moving forward. Climate Neutral's standardized process makes it easier for companies to estimate their greenhouse gas footprint, identify credible carbon offsets, and prioritize measures to reduce their emissions. To learn more about Climate Neutral, visit About Xilica Xilica® creates collaboration products that help unlock the power of human connection. Built on decades of reimagining how people use technology, Xilica's solutions bridge the distance between individuals, teams, ideas and organisations — unleashing the power of understanding to transform business and society for the better. Through our focus on the enterprise, education and government markets, Xilica and its partners touch the daily lives of people in more than 100 countries.

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