Aramco and Cognite Join Forces in New Data Venture

Aramco and Cognite | June 20, 2022

Aramco and Cognite
Aramco and Cognite, a global leader in industrial software, have launched CNTXT, a joint venture based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Headquartered in Riyadh, CNTXT will support industrial digitalization in the Kingdom and the wider MENA region.

CNTXT will provide digital transformation services enabled by advanced cloud solutions and leading industrial software. These solutions and services will help companies in the public and private sectors future-proof their data infrastructure, increase revenue, cut costs, and reduce risks while enhancing operational sustainability and security. CNTXT is Google Cloud’s reseller for cloud solutions in the Kingdom and the exclusive reseller of Cognite Data Fusion® in the MENA region. Additionally, Google Cloud is expected to launch a “Center of Excellence” later this year to provide training to developers and business leaders on how to use cloud technologies.

Led by Abdullah Jarwan, appointed CEO of CNTXT, and a management team of local and international talent, CNTXT plans to significantly grow the team this year in hopes of becoming the top tech employer in the Kingdom.

The launch of CNTXT is a major milestone in the collaboration between Aramco and Aker ASA, the majority owner of Cognite. The partnership began in 2019 with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop synergies and share knowledge on industrial digitalization and sustainability initiatives.

Ahmad A. Al-Sa'adi, senior vice president of Technical Services at Aramco, said: “CNTXT brings together industrial legacy, unmatched technology, and a truly talented team that will aid in the digitalization of the public and private sectors in the Kingdom. CNTXT will be an important catalyst of digitalization of the Kingdom.”

Øyvind Eriksen, president of Aker ASA and chair of the Cognite Board of Directors, said: “CNTXT will be an important vehicle for driving profitability and sustainability of the Kingdom’s industries through innovative use of technology. I look forward to seeing the company accelerate the digital transformation of the most important sectors in the region.”

Abdullah Jarwan, CEO of CNTXT, said: “The untapped potential in the digital transformation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the greater Middle East is enormous. With Google Cloud and Cognite offerings in our portfolio, we can help the public and private sectors innovate faster, scale AI-driven solutions, and turn data into value.”

Abdul Rahman Al Thehaiban, managing director, Middle East, Turkey, and Africa, Google Cloud, said: “Businesses all around the world turn to Google Cloud to enable growth and help them solve their most business-critical challenges. With CNTXT as Google Cloud’s reseller in the Kingdom, we will be leveraging the latest technologies and decades of expertise to help businesses grow and develop safely and securely.”

About Aramco
Aramco is a global integrated energy and chemicals company. We are driven by the core belief that energy is opportunity. From producing approximately one in every eight barrels of the world’s oil supply to developing new energy technologies, our global team is dedicated to creating impact in all that we do. We focus on making our resources more dependable, more sustainable and more useful. This helps promote stability and long-term growth around the world.

Founded in 2022 and based in Saudi Arabia, CNTXT is a joint venture between Aramco and Cognite that delivers premium cloud and digital transformation products and services in the Middle East and North Africa. CNTXT’s digital offerings, including Google Cloud and Cognite Data Fusion, enable customers to achieve greater efficiency, sustainability, and profitability throughout their digital transformation journeys.

About Cognite
Cognite is a global industrial SaaS company that was established with one clear vision: to rapidly empower industrial companies with contextualized, trustworthy, and accessible data to help drive the full-scale digital transformation of asset-heavy industries around the world. Our core Industrial DataOps platform, Cognite Data Fusion®, enables industrial data and domain users to collaborate quickly and safely to develop, operationalize, and scale industrial AI solutions and applications to deliver both profitability and sustainability.


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Other News

New Association of Plastic Recyclers State-of-the-Industry Report Shows Strength of US Plastic Recycling

Association of Plastic Recyclers | August 12, 2022

The Association of Plastic Recyclers The Voice of Plastic Recycling®, issued a report that provides a data-driven update on the progress of plastic recycling in the United States showing that it is a viable, accessible and scalable solution for reducing plastic waste. The report compiles research and analysis from across the $236 billion recycling industry which includes over 9,000 community recycling programs across the country and more than 100 post-consumer recyclers. The report finds that plastic recycling alone is responsible for over 200,000 U.S. jobs. “APR’s state-of-the-industry report tells the true story of plastic recycling in the United States. This is an industry that processed almost five billion pounds of post-consumer plastic material in 2020 despite a pandemic and related lockdown, and we have every expectation that number will continue to grow.” Steve Alexander, President and CEO of the Association of Plastic Recyclers The report presents an important clarification on data provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the discussion on US recycling rates. The report explains that 80% of rigid plastic packaging is polyethylene terephthalate (PET), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and polypropylene (PP). These are the types of plastic packaging (such as soda bottles, laundry detergent jugs, and yogurt tubs) that are most used by businesses and available to consumers to put in their blue bins. The report found that 21% of these types of plastic, the type that U.S. consumers touch every day, are recycled based on EPA data. The report also includes the latest data for PET and HDPE bottles alone - a current recycling rate of 28%. With more supply of recyclable plastic material from consumers, U.S. plastic recyclers could boost PET and HDPE bottle recycling rate – raising the rate to over 40% – with minimal additional investment and using existing processing infrastructure in the U.S. “Increasing the recycling rate is important because demand for recycled material, a key driver of the recycling chain, is stronger than ever, spurred by a variety of factors including brand sustainability commitments and legislative activity,” added Alexander. The report concludes that meeting that high demand and continuing to sustain and grow recycling will require three steps: (1) companies to manufacture plastic products and packaging that are compatible with recycling, (2) consumers to put recyclable material in the bin and (3) a robust recycling infrastructure to collect, sort and process that material. The report provides policy recommendations including: ensure that all new products and packaging are made to be compatible with recycling; increase and strengthen community recycling programs and create harmonization among the types of plastic that are collected in those programs; and encourage the consideration of the true cost of disposal and the low costs to landfill. “This report shows that, while there is still work to be done, plastic recycling can succeed,” Alexander added. “Consumers want recycling to work, and recyclers are ready to process more material. Our industry is innovative and resilient. It is time to recommit to plastic recycling for our communities, for our environment, and for our future.” As the international trade association representing the plastics recycling industry, APR membership includes independent recycling companies of all sizes, processing numerous resins, as well as consumer product companies, equipment manufacturers, testing laboratories, organizations, and others committed to the success of plastics recycling. APR advocates the recycling of all plastics. Visit for more information.

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Redwood Logistics Partners with Cloverly to Enhance Carbon Emissions Management for Customers

Redwood Logistics | July 08, 2022

Redwood Logistics one of the fastest-growing supply chain and logistics companies in North America and innovators of the LPaaS, Logistics Platform as a Service model, today announced a partnership with Cloverly, an API-first Sustainability-as-a-Service solution that provides access to high-quality carbon credits to offset the impact of emissions from the transportation and logistics industry. The partnership with Cloverly supports the Redwood Hyperion sustainability solution, announced in June to help customers gain load-by-load visibility into their freight emissions. It enables carbon-neutral shipping initiatives by bringing together flexible access to data powered by the logistics integration platform RedwoodConnect™ and instant access to action through verified carbon credits via Cloverly. “The confluence between Redwood’s supply chain and Cloverly’s sustainability expertise was invaluable to us as we developed Redwood Hyperion as a high-quality carbon visibility and offset program,” said Michael Reed, Chief Product Officer at Redwood. “Shippers can’t act on what they can’t measure, and the Redwood Hyperion solution powered by Cloverly’s Sustainability-as-a-Service model allows our customers to reliably measure their freight emissions and offset them with carbon credits all in a single platform.” A carbon credit is a transferable instrument certified by governments and independent certification bodies that represents an emission reduction of one metric ton of CO2 or an equivalent amount of other Greenhouse Gases. Through Redwood Hyperion, powered by Cloverly’s marketplace, carbon emissions can be matched with a wide range of carbon credits, including blue carbon, forestry, biochar or, as close as possible, to the initial carbon-producing activity – whatever the main sustainability objective is for the shipper. “Climate action matters to customers, businesses and the planet we share, and we’re thrilled to partner with Redwood to pair emission visibility and reduction – reliably and programmatically. Cloverly supports every carbon-related goal with carbon credits that have co-benefits ranging from protecting biodiversity to improving education and health. Each credit is independently verified and vetted for maximum confidence in its impact.” Jason Rubottom, Chief Executive Officer of Cloverly Redwood Hyperion is the leading product of Redwood’s sustainability suite, Redwood’s initiative to support customers in minimizing their carbon footprint to create a greener and more resilient supply chain. “Redwood is focused on taking steps to achieve customers’ sustainability goals; all while improving efficiency and minimizing costs,“ added Reed. “The full suite of services is designed to help customers implement green initiatives by providing visibility first, followed by a balanced approach of reduction techniques and strategies with a combination of carbon offsets.” About Redwood Logistics Redwood Logistics, a leading logistics platform company, headquartered in Chicago, has provided solutions for moving and managing freight for more than 20 years. The company’s diverse portfolio includes digital freight brokerage, flexible freight management and logistics consulting, all wrapped into a revolutionary logistics and technology delivery model—Logistics Platform as a Service (LPaaS). LPaaS utilizes an open platform for digital logistics that empowers shippers to seamlessly mix-and-match partners, technologies and solutions into their own unique digital supply chain fingerprint. Redwood connects a wide range of customers to the power of supply chain management, technology and the industry’s brightest minds. About Cloverly Cloverly is a technology-based carbon credit marketplace in the Voluntary Carbon Market. Its API enables businesses to programmatically utilize carbon removal credits for their unavoidable emissions and customer-facing solutions. Digital products that use Cloverly help build customer awareness while contributing to climate change mitigation.

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QunaSys co-hosts industry, government leaders for Pistoia Alliance Global Knowledge-Sharing virtual event

QunaSys Inc. | July 05, 2022

QunaSys, a global leader in the development of innovative quantum algorithms in chemistry and a Pistoia Alliance member company, will co-host the Pistoia Alliance Global Knowledge-Sharing event held on July 7, which will bring together scientific, business and government leaders from Japan and around the world to improve innovation in health and the life sciences. The Pistoia Alliance is a global, not-for-profit alliance that works to lower barriers to innovation in life science and healthcare R&D. The Alliance has organized these webinars to provide specific examples of where its pre-competitive collaboration model of shared-risk and shared-reward can bring value and support to improve life sciences and health through science and innovation. Quantum computing is one of the technologies that is positioned to make dramatic improvements in the fields of health and the life sciences, particularly in the field of pharma. QunaSys CEO and co-founder Tennin Yan will discuss emerging use cases and how quantum is poised to impact the future of pharma R&D. He will participate on the future of pharma R&D panel discussion, which will be facilitated by John Bolger, CEO of Matador, a Pistoia Alliance member company, along with industry experts from Daiichi Sankyo, Preferred Networks and Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation and the Pistoia Alliance. About QunaSys Inc. QunaSys is the world's leading developer of innovative algorithms in chemistry focused on accelerating the development of quantum technology applicability. QunaSys enables maximization of the power of quantum computing through its advanced joint research that addresses cutting-edge technologies providing Qamuy™, the most powerful quantum chemical calculation cloud software; fostering development of collaboration through QPARC industry consortium; and working with research institutions from academia and government. QunaSys software runs on multiple technology platforms with applicability in all chemical related industries to boost quantum computing adoption.

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Schneider launches "Pledge to Plan” for shippers to reduce carbon emissions

Schneider | August 01, 2022

Schneider a premier multimodal provider of transportation, intermodal and logistics services is hosting its Transportation Sustainability Summit in Long Beach, California, this week where the company will unveil to customers the “Pledge to Plan”, a process to support shippers in preparing their transportation strategy to meet the sustainability goals defined by their organization. “We are working together to understand, measure and reduce scope 3 emissions. We continue to advise customers on how the carbon footprint associated with transportation and supply chain fits into their overarching emissions reduction goals. We must challenge ourselves to pursue a more sustainable future by influencing those that we work with within the industry.” Schneider Senior Vice President of Van Truckload John Bozec As companies are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental issues around them, achieving sustainability in the supply chain is a critical corporate goal touching almost every industry. As a leader in the transportation and logistics industry, Schneider is proud to demonstrate how the organization continues to reduce its own environmental impact while leveraging knowledge and expertise to support customers across the supply chain in creating efficiencies. “No one sector is the answer to sustainability. Collaboration is the key to making meaningful change and reducing carbon emissions throughout the supply chain,” said Bozec. Schneider’s Transportation Sustainability Summit is the first-of-its-kind event for shippers to hear from industry experts on the acceleration of sustainability across transportation, alongside discussion of key trends and solutions that are leading the charge, such as electrification. Customers at the summit will receive a closeup look at Freightliner’s eCascadia, the manufacturer’s electric Class 8 truck. Schneider is planning to add 62 eCascadias to its southern California intermodal operations in late 2022/early 2023. “The scaling of zero-emission vehicles is a critical component of reaching our goal to reduce carbon emissions by 7.5% per mile by 2025 and by 60% per mile by 2035,” said Bozec. “Schneider is excited to be at the forefront of this pivotal evolution in the industry and continue educating the world around us on sustainable transportation opportunities.” About Schneider Schneider is a premier multimodal provider of transportation, intermodal and logistics services. Offering one of the broadest portfolios in the industry, Schneider’s solutions include Regional and Long-Haul Truckload, Expedited, Dedicated, Bulk, Intermodal, Brokerage, Warehousing, Supply Chain Management, Port Logistics and Logistics Consulting. With nearly $5.6 billion in annual revenue, Schneider has been safely delivering superior customer experiences and investing in innovation for over 85 years. The company’s digital marketplace, Schneider FreightPower®, is revolutionizing the industry giving shippers access to an expanded, highly flexible capacity network and provides carriers with unmatched access to quality drop-and-hook freight – Always Delivering, Always Ahead.

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