International Conference on Chemical Theories and Theoretical Chemistry (ICCTTC - 24)

International Conference on Chemical
We are pleased to announce the upcoming International Conference on Chemical Theories and Theoretical Chemistry (ICCTTC - 24), taking place on 18th - 19th January 2024 in Vatican City, Vatican City. Our conference serves as a forum for researchers, scientists, academicians, policymakers, and industry experts from all backgrounds to convene and share their expertise and insights. 



Elevating exposure science in chemical safety management

October 25-26, 2023 | Spain

The workshop presentations and discussions will be based around four key actions areas concerning regulatory and industry needs: Improving access to relevant exposure information; Enhancing exposure models; New needs for circularity and sustainability; and Capacity building.

Chemistry in the Oil Industry XVIII

November 6-9, 2023 | UK

Don't miss our technical presentations on robotic bottle testing for demulsifiers and high-temperature scale inhibiting treatment fluids at the Chemistry in the Oil Industry XVIII, a Royal Society of Chemistry event.

Chemical Science symposium 2023: Chemistry of polymers

October 26-27, 2023 | UK

Under the banner of our flagship diamond open access journal, Chemical Science, we’ll be shining a spotlight on cutting-edge chemistry research and giving it the sort of attention that drives scientific progress and makes a difference.

Global Plastics Summit

February 27-29, 2024 | USA

The global plastics industry has been navigating through what is arguably the most volatile period in decades. Unprecedented amounts of new production capacity are scheduled to start in North America, Europe, and China in the near term and compete for demand during a period of economic challenges.