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Nissan Chemical America strikes partnership to enhance oil recovery

December 17, 2019 / World Oil

Nissan Chemical America Corporation has partnered with industrial gas supplier, Messer Americas, to improve oil and gas production. Their collaborative treatment, nanoActiv HnP—an energized, fast turnaround style “Huff ‘n Puff”—incorporates nanoActiv with a carbon dioxide (CO₂) or nitrogen (N₂) gas application method to enhance oil and gas recovery. nanoActiv HnP powered by Messer Americas, a BOOST-EOR™ chemical composition solution, enables the recovery of hydrocarbons to be accomplished faster, more completely, most cost-effectively and with longer efficacy than existing options on the market today. According to Messer Americas’ Oil and Gas experts, a recent Woodford Formation Well – treated with nanoActiv HnP powered by Messer Americas’ nitrogen – continues to experience sustained daily gas production levels 120% greater than its originally completed initial daily production levels.