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Future-focused agility drives Unilite forward in Asia’s chemicals industry

August 10, 2019 / scmp

Accounting for 60 per cent of a multitrillion-dollar global industry, Asia has a market-leading advantage in the chemicals sector with strong growth expected over the next two decades. In Singapore, one of the world’s 10 leading exporters of chemicals, leading local distributor and veteran player Unilite Chemicals continues to prove its mettle and stability in an industry subjected to fluctuating market trends. Celebrating its 41st anniversary this year, Unilite is undergoing its latest phase of investments made to upgrade its warehouse and logistics systems in line with Singapore’s move towards digitalisation – displaying an agility to respond to the chemical industry’s changing landscape. “We have changed according to time, and that’s allowed us to remain a top local semi-speciality chemicals distribution company,” says Nicholas Lim, managing director. “What we distribute today is very different from the product mix we had when we first...