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France notifies EU Commission of proposed rubber FCM changes

February 13, 2019 / Chemical Watch

France has notified the European Commission of planned amendments to rules on rubber materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs and dummies for young children. It proposes: to update lists of permitted constituents and restrictions and specifications applicable to them; to adapt methods to check conformity of rubber materials and articles; and to specify obligations relating to technical documentation and provide a model for the declaration of conformity provided for in Article 6 of Decree 2007-766 of 10 May 2007. Article 5 of the proposal states that the following chemical substances must not present a risk to human health: decomposition or reaction products, reaction intermediates; oligomers and impurities of the monomers, other starting substances, modifying agents and additives used to obtain synthetic polymers used for the manufacture of rubber materials and articles; and free volatile organic matter.