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Chemicals stolen from Blenheim's hazardous waste store

June 12, 2019 / STUFF

Viles of "highly carcinogenic and corrosive" chemicals have been stolen from Blenheim's hazardous waste transfer store.  Police are appealing for information following the burglary on Wither Rd, which happened earlier this week.  The stolen chemicals included COD chemical oxygen demand reagent vials, mercaptopropionic acid, thioglycolic acid and potassium metabisulfite. Police would not disclose the quantities stolen.  Blenheim Sergeant Paul Webber wanted to warn the public not to touch the chemicals if they came across them and to call police. Some of the chemicals taken are highl carcinogenic and corrosive," Webber said. He thought the people who had stolen them might realise they were no good and didn't want it dumped, where it could end up in waterways or near dogs and kids.