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Chemical Transporters Focus On Safety

August 08, 2019 / Tank Transport

As U.S. chemical production grows, chemical shippers and their partners refine their strategies to ensure trouble-free transportation, secure sufficient capacity, and navigate the regulatory landscape.
Thanks to an improved economy, the U.S. chemical market has been gaining strength in recent years and continues to grow. The word “chemical’’ covers a vast array of substances, including many that are sitting in kitchen cabinets. But when people talk about the challenges of chemical logistics, they’re often referring to substances that must be treated with special care. Such hazardous products include substances that might explode, ignite, emit toxic gases, corrode the skin, or otherwise cause serious harm if not handled properly. The risk of danger is what makes chemical logistics different from most other branches of supply chain management. Because of the potential danger involved, employees at companies that move and store hazardous chemicals require sp...