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Canada, US consult on chemicals of mutual concern priorities

August 08, 2019 / chemicalwatch

The governments of Canada and the US have proposed draft priorities under the Great Lakes Quality Agreement, to apply from 2020 until 2022. The draft is open for public comments until 30 August.  The Agreement states that the two countries will establish binational priorities for science and action "to address current and future threats" to the Great Lakes on the border. These priorities are established at regular Great Lakes Public Forums. The 2020-2022 draft has an annex on chemicals of mutual concern (CMCs), which includes the following priorities for action:  continuing to implement risk mitigation and management actions identified in the Great Lakes Binational Strategies for CMCs to facilitate reductions in releases of CMCs compiling and making available Canadian and US environmental quality guidelines (including federal and provincial or state guidelines and other relevant criteria) for CMCs; dentifying and assessing additional substances for consideration as ...