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M. Holland Company Partners with Febo to Further International Expansion

M. Holland Company Partners

M. Holland Company, a leading international distributor of thermoplastic resins and ancillary materials, today announced a new partnership with Febo S.p.A, an established European distributor of thermoplastic resins and petrochemical products. Under the agreement, Febo will have distribution rights for M. Holland products in Italy, Greece and the Balkans. The partnership extends M. Holland’s commercial reach in Europe, building upon existing business agreements in Ireland and the United Kingdom, along with the company’s recently established commercial office in the Netherlands.

The partnership enables M. Holland to bring materials to customers in new regions through Febo’s extensive commercial and logistics network, which includes eight warehouses in Italy and Greece. M. Holland can now offer Mtegrity™, its line of certified producer prime resin, to an expanded network of clients, providing levels of ratability and consistency needed to meet current demands in Europe.

“Our partnership with Febo represents a significant milestone in M. Holland’s global growth strategy,” said Steve Armstrong, vice president of international resale at M. Holland. “By joining forces with Febo, we can better support clients located in key European markets. Febo shares our commitment to delivering exceptional service and quality products, which sets the foundations for a continued long-term partnership.”

“Febo and M. Holland share mutual goals and align on a strategic business mission in Europe,” said Gian Luca Casarini Elkan, commodities business manager of Febo Group. “Together, we will enhance our offerings, strengthen our relationships with existing and new customers, and drive positive business results.”

M. Holland’s Mtegrity™ products hold REACH certification, granted by the European Chemicals Agency, which allows for the distribution of materials across European markets.

Febo was founded in 1958 as a business venture by the Ferretti family. The majority shareholder and CEO is now Mr. Carocchi. Over the years, the Company fine-tuned its role, goals and mission. Today Febo operates on behalf of leading companies as a distributor of polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, ABS, SAN, PVC, PET, PC, PA, PMMA and biopolymers. Headquartered in Pistoia, Italy. Febo Group has over €296 million in annual sales and covers Italy and Greece with a senior sellers’ network that manages a customer portfolio of over 2,000 units. Febo caters to its customers’ logistic needs with strategically based warehouses located in the main consumption areas. The company has its own personnel dedicated to technical assistance and developing applications to meet all customer requirements from the main business sectors.


M. Holland is a leading international distributor of thermoplastic resins, providing suppliers with the most strategic channels to market, offering clients innovative sourcing and supply chain solutions, delivering materials that empower sustainable innovation, and helping people lead rewarding careers. Since 1950, a deep commitment to personal relationships and innovation has formed the core of the company’s heritage, culture and vision. Headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, M. Holland has over $1.5 billion in annual sales, partners with more than 4,000 customers annually, and serves over 70 countries across North America, LATAM, EMEA and Asia. M. Holland has offices located in the U.S., Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Netherlands.



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