LyondellBasell and EEW sign LOI for potential advanced waste sorting

prnewswire | March 28, 2023 | Read time : 02:00 min

LyondellBasell and EEW

LyondellBasell, a global leader in the chemical industry, and EEW Energy from Waste, a leading company in thermal waste treatment in Europe recently signed a letter of intent (LOI). The LOI includes exploring a potential long-term strategic partnership to extract and recycle plastics out of incineration waste streams. This proposed collaboration would potentially include construction of waste pre-sorting facilities at or near EEW incineration plants to remove plastics from waste streams bound for incineration, and investment in advanced sorting facilities to further sort and refine the plastic that has been removed. This collaboration supports the new LyondellBasell strategy to invest in advanced sorting infrastructure to produce plastic waste-based feedstocks, grow its Circular and Low Carbon Solutions business, and deliver on its value creation ambitions.

"Collaborations across the value chain are part of our strategy and are increasingly necessary to free up plastic waste from sources that today do not end up in recycling," says Yvonne van der Laan, LyondellBasell executive vice president, Circular and Low Carbon Solutions. "The materials from these sorting facilities would not only support our existing mechanical recycling facilities in the Netherlands and a potential advanced recycling unit in Germany, but also allows us to optimize waste streams and drive additional value."

This collaboration would close the loop on plastics that are today sent for incineration, by sorting them out for use as feedstock in mechanical and advance recycling processes. By removing these materials from the incineration waste stream, the fossil CO2 emissions associated with combusting the materials are also avoided.

"With this cooperation, we are creating a convincing solution for plastic waste for which recycling is still ruled out today," says Bernard M. Kemper, chief executive officer EEW Energy from Waste. "EEW will first build a sorting facility and sort out plastics to recover them for the raw material cycle."

The intended cooperation represents an advancement in recycling opportunities, using the sites and technical know-how of LyondellBasell and EEW to enable a sustainable circular economy.

About LyondellBasell

As a leader in the global chemical industry, LyondellBasell strives every day to be the safest, best operated and most valued company in our industry. The company's products, materials and technologies are advancing sustainable solutions for food safety, access to clean water, healthcare and fuel efficiency in more than 100 international markets. LyondellBasell places high priority on diversity, equity and inclusion and is Advancing Good with an emphasis on our planet, the communities where we operate and our future workforce. The company takes great pride in its world-class technology and customer focus. LyondellBasell has stepped up its circularity and climate ambitions and actions to address the global challenges of plastic waste and decarbonization.

EEW: an indispensable part of the circular economy

EEW Energy from Waste GmbH (EEW) is one of the leading companies in Europe in the field of thermal recovery of waste and sewage sludge. EEW Energy from Waste is already making an important contribution towards protecting the climate and resources and is a key player in the circular economy. Our corporate group currently operates 17 sites that can process around 5 million tonnes of waste per year. The more than 1,400 employees at our plants ensure that the energy stored in waste is utilized, the volume of waste is reduced, the hazards caused by waste are eliminated safely and without negative impact, and that scrap metals and compound materials are recycled. Moreover, we efficiently utilize the energy contained in waste to generate process steam for industrial plants, district heating for residential areas and environmentally sustainable electricity. In line with our vision for the future, we have set a goal to be climate neutral by 2030 and climate positive by 2040. A key measure in addition to carbon reduction will be carbon capture at our facilities. The captured carbon will be partly stored underground or utilised as a valuable feedstock for chemical products in a carbon-neutral economy of the future.


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A B2B E-Commerce platform also provides companies with access to real-time data and insights that can help to inform and guide their business decisions.

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On March 1, 2023, Carbios, a company at the forefront of developing and implementing biological technologies to transform the plastic and textile life cycle, has doubled its issued patent count since its last review in late 2020. Protection of Carbios’ processes As of now, Carbios and its subsidiary Carbiolice have a total of 336 patents across 53 patent families globally. In 2022, Carbios was granted several new patents protecting PET-degrading enzymes in countries like the United States, Indonesia, South Korea, China, Japan, and India. Additionally, Carbios has received patents within their existing patent families safeguarding the process of producing biodegradable plastics, specifically the masterbatch containing the enzyme or its production process. Worldwide protection Carbios is strengthening its intellectual property portfolio in areas with high demand for its innovative technologies, including 40 European titles that could be approved in all 39 European Patent Organization member states, 23 in Canada and 41 titles in the United States for North America, and a total of 152 titles in Asia, with 37 in China, 27 in Japan, and 24 in India. Carbios may extend its 14 patent applications to other regions or countries worldwide in the upcoming years. About Carbios Carbios, a green biotech company founded in 2011 by Truffle Capital, specializes in developing innovative biological processes. Their unique approach involves combining enzymes and plastics to tackle the challenges of plastic and textile pollution and meet new consumer expectations in the era of ecological transition. Carbios has achieved a significant breakthrough in this field by deconstructing all types of PET, the dominant polymer in trays, bottles, and textiles made of polyester, into essential components that can be reused to produce high-quality PET plastics. This achievement, the first of its kind globally, has been recognized in a scientific paper published in Nature. In 2021, Carbios successfully launched a demonstration plant in Clermont-Ferrand, and has now partnered with Indorama Ventures to construct a first-of-a-kind unit, taking a crucial step towards industrializing their process.

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Carbon TerraVault Announces Two New Storage-Only Carbon Dioxide Management Agreements and Submission of Another Class VI Permit to the EPA

Businesswire | May 08, 2023

California Resources Corporation announced a storage-only Carbon Dioxide Management Agreement (CDMA) between Carbon TerraVault Holdings, LLC (CTV), a subsidiary of CRC that provides services including the capture, transport and storage of carbon dioxide (CO2), and Yosemite Clean Energy, LLC (Yosemite). CRC also announced a second storage-only CDMA between CTV and InEnTec Inc. (InEnTec). “2023 began on a good note for Carbon TerraVault as we continued to expand our carbon management storage capacity by submitting another Class VI permit to the EPA and entering into two additional Carbon Dioxide Management Agreements with reputable partners who are committed to energy transition in California,” said Mac McFarland, Chairman of the CTV Board. “We expect to receive a draft Class VI permit for CTV I by the end of the year and plan to further expand and diversify CTV’s portfolio of customers across the energy spectrum in the state of California.” Francisco Leon, CRC’s President and Chief Executive Officer, added, “We are evaluating the strategic positioning of our carbon management business which could include a potential separation from our legacy oil and gas business. We are excited about CTV’s progress to date and believe a future separation could unlock additional value for our shareholders while continuing to help California achieve its climate goals.” In April 2023, CTV entered into a CDMA with Yosemite, a bioenergy development company that specializes in transforming farm and forest wood waste into carbon-negative hydrogen and renewable fuel, to sequester at least 40,000 MTPA of CO2 at CTV carbon storage vaults from a new hydrogen plant to be constructed in Oroville, Northern California. Called the Yosemite Hydrogen Facility, the plant is expected to produce 24,000 kilogram (KG) per day of hydrogen. Over the next 10 years, Yosemite plans to construct two additional hydrogen facilities in California with similar technical and production characteristics. The initial Yosemite Hydrogen Facility will utilize dual bed gasification technology to sustainably convert woody biomass waste from local forest and agricultural producers into syngas while the generated CO2 will be captured and then stored permanently underground by CTV. Syngas is a combination of hydrogen, methane, CO2, carbon monoxide, and other trace gases that is used to produce other fuels. California generates an estimated 50 million tons of forest and farm woody biomass waste annually, which when left to burn, decay, and decompose, emits immense amounts of greenhouse gases and black carbon, or soot, which is part of fine particulate air pollution. Yosemite’s plans to sustainably convert biomass into syngas, from which carbon negative hydrogen is produced, is in line with California's leading emission targets as it transitions to a carbon neutral economy. “We are excited to work with such an experienced renewable fuels partner that is dedicated to powering California’s future,” said Francisco Leon, CRC’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “This new agreement underscores the need for CCS services to help reduce emissions in the state’s rapidly growing new energy economy. It also expands CRC's carbon management business in Northern California and meaningfully demonstrates our dedication to helping decarbonize California across the full spectrum of the energy value chain.” “California continues to lead the country in the development of innovative, sustainable and economically feasible solutions that help reduce its carbon emissions and transition to a carbon neutral economy,” added Thomas Hobby, Yosemite’s Chief Executive Officer. Our green hydrogen facilities will not only help to sustainably convert existing biomass into commercial scale carbon negative hydrogen for the California fuel markets but will also support local farmers and forest landowners to further enhance their operations and better position them for the future. CTV’s unique value proposition, leading CO2 storage permitting process, storage asset position, and expertise provides us with confidence that we have found a solid partner in our quest for a sustainable, cleaner, more resilient environment for all Californians.” In April 2023, the CTV entered into a CDMA with InEnTec, an industry leader in gasification systems that economically and responsibly turns the world's waste into valuable green products, fuels and energy. The CDMA contemplates that InEnTec will build a new renewable dimethyl ether (rDME) production facility at CRC’s Net Zero Industrial Park in Kern County California, and CTV will sequester initially at the minimum 100,000 MTPA of CO2 from InEnTec’s facility in the CTV I carbon storage vault. The rDME facility is expected to produce 80 to 100 tons per day of rDME from biomass and other waste materials to help support the decarbonization of California’s economy and its transportation sector. “This promising agreement between CTV and InEnTec provides an innovative approach to production of renewable fuel at the heart of the Kern County energy hub,” said Francisco Leon, CRC’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Doubling our CO2 supply commitments at CTV I in a matter of four months at our groundbreaking Elk Hills Net Zero Industrial Park further underscores the rising need for our carbon management solutions in California.” “InEnTec’s proprietary technology will reduce CO2 emissions from the production and use of transportation fuels and help California achieve its critically important climate goals," added Jeffrey E. Surma, InEnTec’s President and Chief Executive Officer. "This facility will benefit from many synergies with CTV and solidify InEnTec’s company growth plans as we work to help decarbonize both the transportation and industrial sectors of the U.S. economy." About California Resources Corporation California Resources Corporation (CRC) is an independent energy and carbon management company committed to energy transition. CRC produces some of the lowest carbon intensity oil in the US and is focused on maximizing the value of its land, mineral and technical resources for decarbonization efforts.

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OQ Chemicals Launches ISCC PLUS Certified OxBalance Isononanoic Acid

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On March 7, 2023, OQ Chemicals, launched 'OxBalance Isononanoic Acid,' the world's first commercially available isononanoic acid produced from bio-based and circular feedstocks and ISCC PLUS certified. With a bio-based content of over 70%, the new product provides an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to conventional isononanoic acid. OQ Chemicals has also invested in a capacity expansion project in Germany to meet the increasing demand for carboxylic acids. Isononanoic acid produces various industrial and consumer goods, including energy-efficient lubricants, plasticizers, and surfactants. Dr. Oliver Borgmeier, CEO of OQ Chemicals, stated, "At OQ Chemicals, we are proud to be the first to offer bio-based isononanoic acid. For us, this is the logical next step on our journey towards greater sustainability. We aim to make our large-scale production processes more environmentally friendly, efficient, and sustainable while reducing emissions. As we expand our portfolio of bio-based Oxo Performance Chemicals, such as carboxylic acids, we invest in capacity expansions and explore new ways to innovate and improve our chemical production processes." (Source – Businesswire) OQ Chemicals' OxBalance product line uses the mass balance approach to monitor renewable feedstocks in chemical production processes and distribute them among products. This is done in compliance with the globally recognized sustainability certification system, ISCC PLUS. Also, OxBalance is a trademark owned by OQ Chemicals. About OQ Chemicals OQ Chemicals is a global chemical company that produces and markets high-quality specialty chemicals, including carboxylic acids, esters, and alcohol. The company has a diverse portfolio of products in various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, coatings, adhesives, and electronics. OQ Chemicals was formed in 2020 as a subsidiary of OQ, a globally integrated energy company based in Oman. The chemical company operates production sites and sales offices in Europe, Asia, and the Americas and serves customers in over 100 countries worldwide.

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