ExxonMobil Expands Interest in Biofuels, Acquires Stake in Biojet AS

ExxonMobil | January 12, 2022

ExxonMobil is expanding its interests in biofuels that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector, acquiring a 49.9% stake in Biojet AS, a Norwegian biofuels company that plans to convert forestry and wood-based construction waste into lower-emissions biofuels and biofuel components.

Biojet AS plans to develop up to five facilities to produce the biofuels and biofuel components. The company anticipates commercial production to begin in 2025 at a manufacturing plant to be built in Follum, Norway. The agreement enables ExxonMobil to purchase as much as 3 million barrels of the products per year, based on the potential capacity of five facilities.

The agreement with Biojet AS advances ExxonMobil’s efforts to provide lower-emissions products for the transportation sector. Using our access at the Slagen terminal, we can efficiently distribute biofuels in Norway and to countries throughout northwest Europe.”

 Ian Carr, president of ExxonMobil Fuels and Lubricants Company

Biofuels and biofuel components can meet the requirements for advanced fuels under Norwegian, European Union and United Kingdom regulations. According to the European Union Renewable Energy Directive, biofuels produced from wood waste can help reduce life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions by 85% compared to petroleum-based diesel.

When produced, Biojet AS’s biofuels can be used for passenger vehicles and heavy trucks. Additional opportunities for marine transportation and aviation may develop as the market for lower-emissions biofuels expands.

The investment in Biojet AS builds on ExxonMobil’s continuing efforts to develop and deploy lower-emission energy solutions. ExxonMobil established a Low Carbon Solutions business in 2021 and is currently evaluating biofuels, carbon capture and storage, and hydrogen projects around the world.

ExxonMobil’s majority-owned affiliate, Imperial Oil Ltd., is moving forward with plans to produce renewable diesel at a new complex at its Strathcona refinery, and ExxonMobil expanded its agreement to annually purchase up to 5 million barrels of renewable diesel from Global Clean Energy’s biorefinery in California. Chemically similar to petroleum-based diesel, renewable diesel and other biofuels can be readily blended for use in engines on the market today.

Since 2000, ExxonMobil has invested more than $10 billion to research, develop and deploy lower-emission energy solutions.

About ExxonMobil
ExxonMobil, one of the largest publicly traded international energy companies, uses technology and innovation to help meet the world’s growing energy needs. ExxonMobil holds an industry-leading inventory of resources, is one of the largest refiners and marketers of petroleum products, and its chemical company is one of the largest in the world. 


Once again, we get to exclaim: What a difference a year makes! Another election has redefined the political winds in Washington, or at least, agitated them. And now, believe or not, the 2020 Presidential election race begins in earnest. What these new currents will mean for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in general and the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OCSPP) in particular is subject to much speculation: will aggressive oversight by the new Democratic House majority stymie Administration initiatives?


Once again, we get to exclaim: What a difference a year makes! Another election has redefined the political winds in Washington, or at least, agitated them. And now, believe or not, the 2020 Presidential election race begins in earnest. What these new currents will mean for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in general and the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OCSPP) in particular is subject to much speculation: will aggressive oversight by the new Democratic House majority stymie Administration initiatives?

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Oriental Yuhong and Wacker Chemicals Jointly Organized the 7th Innovation Day

Oriental Yuhong | December 29, 2020

The seventh Innovation Day was together coordinated on December 14, 2020, by Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co.Ltd (hereinafter alluded to as "Oriental Yuhong") and Wacker Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter alluded to as "Wacker Chemicals") in Beijing, China. Ms. Lu Aiqin, Vice President of the Department of Polymers of Wacker Chemicals, and Mr. Xiang Jinming, President of Oriental Yuhong, were welcome to the action, joined by the R&D and specialized specialists from the two organizations. Oriental Yuhong and Wacker Chemicals traded top to bottom perspectives on their present joint undertakings and plans for future participation. Given the innovative limits of the joint lab helped to establish by Wacker Chemicals and Oriental Yuhong, the two organizations will advance vital collaboration and offer play to a more grounded specialized upper hand in the field of building waterproof covering. Mr. Xiang Jinming, President of Oriental Yuhong, said that the occasions of the Innovation Day by Wacker Chemicals have infused new bits of knowledge into the advancement of Oriental Yuhong, while the fast improvement of Oriental Yuhong has given new open doors in market development for Wacker Chemicals. The complementarities of the two organizations will most likely add to individuals' amicable living in the general public. Ms. Lu Aiqin, Vice President of the Department of Polymers of Wacker Chemicals, said that the previous decade has seen shared benefit participation between Oriental Yuhong and Wacker Chemicals. Through specialized trades on the Innovation Day, both expected to investigate groundbreaking thoughts of innovative work for the updating of future items. China flaunts the biggest waterproof covering market on the planet, and Oriental Yuhong is perhaps the main driving organizations in the business. With common trust and through authentic correspondence, the two organizations endeavor to mutually build up the best answers for the Chinese waterproof covering market.

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FlexCatTM, a New Custom High-Performance Specialty Catalyst Material from Unifrax

Unifrax, Clearlake | April 22, 2021

Unifrax, the main maker of elite strength materials, today presented FlexCat™ by Unifrax, another high-surface territory adaptable media intended to give improved impetus viability expanded yield utilizing less crude materials. For use in power modules, strength gas creation, compound handling, air refinement, and different applications, FlexCat offers catalyzers and modern accomplices better execution, significant expense investment funds, and improved wellbeing for workers. "Unifrax keeps on pursuing its main goal to give greener, cleaner, and more secure answers for our clients and accomplices. FlexCat is a progressive advance forward for modern catalysis that follows through on those three columns" A game-changing answer for strength impetus markets With numerous ventures as of now depending on alumina pellets to drive synergist responses, strength substance organizations frequently wrestle with slowed-down responses as a result of stopped-up materials, huge forthright speculations, and critical space prerequisites. They are likewise compelled to battle with ecologically unsafe discharges. To address these issues, Unifrax has planned a sinewy impetus support arrangement that is multiple times lighter on normal than the business standard, while utilizing essentially less valuable metal impetuses and uncommon earth metals to drive an increment in yield while improving virtue. This considers expanded yield utilizing existing hardware and empowers a more modest reactor impression for plans. FlexCat can be fused into existing plant outflow control frameworks to drive lower carbon impressions and permitting clients to meet harder Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines. "FlexCat is a progressive contribution as a lightweight, modified item structure that is amazingly solid in the unforgiving conditions ordinarily experienced in numerous reactors," said Chad Cannan, senior VP of innovative work, Unifrax. "FlexCat furnishes our industry accomplices with the possibility to save a huge number of dollars across their activities in material expenses, capital speculations, and improved quality from existing hardware. From cleaner discharges to satisfying harder EPA guidelines to expanded immaculateness, stream rates, and transformation speeds, the presentation of FlexCat is a genuine natural, social, and administration (ESG) distinct advantage for the business." FlexCat is additionally ready to affect the hydrogen economy. As the interest for hydrogen builds, FlexCat upholds the development of hydrogen creation through better selectivity and expanded yield utilizing essentially less impetus material. FlexCat innovation drives more noteworthy reception by using more modest and more proficient units that length from power modules to customer gadgets. Fiber-based innovation that conveys Utilizing the viable surface space of Unifrax's special stringy material, FlexCat offers upgraded yields by giving a more convoluted way to improved catalysis inside a reactor. FlexCat wipes out the requirement for any prewash or zeolite-covering measure before applying impetus metals. Testing to date has appeared: • Capacity to utilize something like 80% less metal, including platinum bunch metals (PGMs), while getting a similar change yield • Outrageous sturdiness to almost 1,850°F (~1,000°C) with more reliable item immaculateness • Improved change and selectivity of synergist responses, even in the wake of maturing, permitting modern plants better yield with existing gear • Solid grip of PGMs and no deficiency of impetus, even after warm maturing FlexCat's lightweight fiber tangle structure considers the more secure establishment and evacuation, and cutoff points unsafe waste, significant advantages for Unifrax's customer's labor force and the wellbeing of the climate. FlexCat and Unifrax's profound innovation portfolio FlexCat is Unifrax's initial step into mechanical catalysis, expanding on the organization's profound history of fiber-based innovation and assembling. Unifrax has a history of 75+ years creating and providing designed inorganic materials for an enormous scope to cutting-edge enterprises around the world, including electric vehicles, aviation, and compound preparing. Adjustable for singular accomplices, cycles, and explicit responses, FlexCat can be made at scale today. Unifrax will be accessible at Hydrogen 2021 Digital Conference and Exhibition to examine besides with invested individuals. About Unifrax Unifrax creates and makes superior strength materials utilized in cutting-edge applications, including high-temperature modern protection, electric vehicles, energy stockpiling, filtration, and fire security, among numerous others. Unifrax items are planned with a definitive objective of saving energy, diminishing contamination, and improving wellbeing for individuals, structures, and gear by following through on our obligation to our clients of greener, cleaner, more secure answers for their application challenges. Unifrax has 37 assembling offices working in 12 nations and utilizes 2,700+ representatives universally. About Clearlake Established in 2006, Clearlake Capital Group, L.P. is a venture firm working for incorporated organizations across private value, credit, and other related procedures. With an area-centered methodology, the firm tries to cooperate with experienced supervisory crews by giving patient, long haul money to dynamic organizations that can profit from Clearlake's operational improvement approach, O.P.S.® The company's center objective areas are industrials, innovation, and shopper. Clearlake presently has around $35 billion of resources under administration and its senior speculation directors have driven or co-drove more than 300 ventures. The firm has workplaces in Santa Monica and Dallas.

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Argus acquires renewable chemicals specialist Oleochem Analytics

Argus | August 12, 2021

Energy and commodity price reporting agency Argus has acquired Oleochem Analytics, a provider of renewable chemicals market information. Oleochem Analytics produces price assessments, market intelligence, news, and analytics for the global oleochemical and pine chemical markets. With subject matter experts in Europe, the US, Brazil and China — who collectively have decades of market expertise — Oleochem Analytics is the leading information source on high-growth renewable chemicals, which sit at the intersection of chemicals, biofuels and agriculture markets. Argus Media chairman and chief executive Adrian Binks said: "Oleochem Analytics is an excellent extension to our coverage of renewables and complements Argus' growth strategy. With its high-quality products and favourable market tailwinds, it has attracted a very impressive customer base. We are pleased to add market experts with unparalleled sector expertise to our team and further expand our chemicals coverage." Leela Landress Perez and Carlos Perez, the co-founders of Oleochem Analytics, commented: "We are very passionate about the global renewable chemical markets and look forward to joining forces with Argus, leveraging their trusted brand, global reach and scale. Together, we will be able to further enhance our existing product portfolio, better serve our existing and new customers, and accelerate product development into related biochemical markets for which we already hear interest from the market." About Argus Argus is an independent media organisation with almost 1,100 staff. It is headquartered in London and has 26 offices in the world's principal commodity trading and production centres. Argus produces price assessments and analysis of international energy and other commodity markets and offers bespoke consulting services and industry-leading conferences. Companies in 140 countries around the world use Argus data to index physical trade and as benchmarks in financial derivative markets as well as for analysis and planning purposes.

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