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DayGlo Announces Introduction of Elara Luxe Cosmetic Colorants

DayGlo Announces Introduction of Elara Luxe Cosmetic Colorants

DayGlo Color Corp., one of the world's leaders in manufacturing daylight fluorescent pigments, has recently announced the introduction of Elara Luxe, its latest innovation in fluorescent color technology for the personal care and cosmetics industries.

The Elara Luxe product range, which includes seven new plant-based fluorescent pigments, was created with the notion that clean beauty should never have to sacrifice brilliance. It empowers formulators and transforms the conventional way of thinking about color in the sector. For the very first time, clean beauty products can have the robust and rich palette that clients demand. Elara Luxe pigments provide new opportunities for creating vibrant colors with unprecedented color breadth and intensity.

Customers are driving demand for environmentally friendly products that are free of toxic substances. The new product range has no microplastics, which benefits both consumers and the environment. Elara Luxe exemplifies clean beauty standards and establishes a new class of cosmetic colorants derived from all-natural rice protein, a potent union of nature and technology. All pigments are plant-based, naturally biodegradable, vegan, kosher, non-GMO, and halal-approved.

Elara Luxe colorants are compatible with oil-based, solvent-based, and water-based formulations. This makes them suitable for a wide variety of applications when utilized in compliance with the usage and restrictions specified in 21 CFR Part 82 Subparts B and 21 CFR Part 74 Subpart C, C, and D. These include cosmetics, temporary hair color, lotions and soaps, lip gloss and lipsticks, face paint, and nail polish or nail lacquer.

Will Wooten, VP of Global Sales and Marketing at DayGlo, said, "The Elara Luxe range is a key element of DayGlo's growth strategy." He added, "As America's leading fluorescent pigment manufacturer, we are ecstatic about our latest innovation. Here is a product with the power to revolutionize the palette available to formulators."

(Source – Business Wire)

About DayGlo

DayGlo, founded in 1946, is the world's leading manufacturer of daylight fluorescent pigments, and it creates technology to improve and enhance colors. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, the company manufactures pigments, inks, toners, coatings, and fluorescent dispersions for a range of applications, including food and beverage, plastics, safety equipment, and consumer goods. Moreover, DayGlo markets the Radiant, Swada, and Sterling fluorescent colorant brands in Europe and other regions.



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