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Clean Energy Inks New Fueling Agreements with Customers Looking to Reduce Carbon Emissions with RNG

Businesswire | June 09, 2023 | Read time : 04:00 min

Clean Energy Inks New Fueling

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. the largest provider of the cleanest fuel for the transportation market, announced a slew of new deals with several well-known consumer brands and some of the nation’s largest and most environmentally-conscious transit agencies.

Liberty Coca-Cola, one of the country’s largest bottlers and distributors of Coke and other brands and serving the Northeast U.S., has signed a fueling contract with Clean Energy to power trucks in New York and Philadelphia with renewable natural gas (RNG). These are its first trucks to operate on RNG, a sustainable fuel made from organic waste that significantly reduces carbon emissions by an average of 300% versus diesel.

“Liberty Coca-Cola strives to be the best corporate citizen we can be in the communities where we do business, and having a cleaner-operating and more sustainable fleet with RNG is a good way to that,” said Stanley Walker, distribution manager, Liberty Coca-Cola. “RNG reduces carbon emissions and improves air quality easily and cost-effectively.”

Electrolux North America, a leading global home appliance company, has signed a fueling agreement with Clean Energy for an estimated 200,000 gallons of RNG to be used by new trucks from a contracted carrier that will fuel at Clean Energy’s station in Ontario, CA.

Recology, a waste management company, has inked new and extended RNG supply and maintenance contracts for an anticipated 800,000 and 6.5 million gallons respectively. Recology stations in Gilroy, Brisbane, and Davis, CA support more than 150 RNG trucks. Additionally, Recology has contracted Clean Energy to build a new RNG station In Snohomish, WA that is projected to fuel 30 trucks.

Long-time customer and an early adopter of RNG, the Big Blue Bus in Santa Monica, CA has signed a maintenance agreement for its fleet of 195 transit buses that fuels with an anticipated 7.5 million gallons of RNG. In 2015, Big Blue Bus became one of the country's first municipal transit agencies to convert its entire fleet to RNG. Nationally recognized for its long-standing commitment to a cleaner environment, Big Blue Bus transports 44,000 passengers daily across a 58-square-mile service area.

“We count Big Blue Bus as one of our most important customers because the leadership role the transit agency plays in tackling the issues of clean air and climate change,” said Chad Lindholm, Clean Energy Senior Vice President. “Fueling their fleet of buses with RNG provides immediate and significant carbon reductions, while improving air quality for people who live in and around the community of Santa Monica.”

“Our longstanding partnership with Clean Energy helps us deliver on our mission to provide affordable and sustainable transportation, while creating healthier, more livable communities. Further, our adoption of renewable natural gas aligns with our strategic goal to implement a full zero-emissions fleet by 2030,” said Ed King, director, Santa Monica Department of Transportation.

Clean Energy has been contracted by Gold Coast Transit to maintain its station in Oxnard, CA which uses an estimated 4 million gallons of RNG for 82 transit buses.

Channel Island Dairy Farms has signed a contract for an estimated 300,000 gallons of RNG for heavy-duty trucks operating in the Corcoran, CA area.

The Birmingham Jefferson County Transit Authority has signed a maintenance agreement with Clean Energy for its Birmingham, AL station. The station is expected to use an anticipated 2 million gallons of fuel for 186 transit buses.

The City of Tucson has signed a maintenance agreement with Clean Energy to support its fleet operations. The station uses an anticipated 2 million gallons of fuel to power 150 transit buses and refuse trucks.

Valley Regional Transit in Boise, ID has inked a maintenance agreement with Clean Energy. The station uses an expected 1.7 million gallons of fuel to power its fleet of 30 transit buses.

Grand Canyon National Park, AZ has signed an agreement with Clean Energy to maintain its station. The station is anticipated to provide 1.5 million gallons of fuel for 30 park shuttle buses.

Sweeping Corporation of America, the nation's largest power sweeping company, has signed a contract for a projected 250,000 gallons of fuel to power 78 trucks in Northern and Southern California.

Campbell’s Trucking Company in Tacoma, WA has signed a fueling deal for an expected 300,000 gallons of fuel for 15 heavy-duty trucks.

About Clean Energy

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. is the country’s largest provider of the cleanest fuel for the transportation market. Our mission is to decarbonize transportation through the development and delivery of renewable natural gas (RNG), a sustainable fuel derived from organic waste. Clean Energy allows thousands of vehicles, from airport shuttles to city buses to waste and heavy-duty trucks, to reduce their amount of climate-harming greenhouse gas. We operate a vast network of fueling stations across the U.S. and Canada.



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