Carbios Launches Industrial Demonstration Plant for Its Unique Enzymatic Recycling Technology

Carbios | September 29, 2021

Carbios, a company pioneering new enzymatic solutions to reinvent the lifecycle of plastic and textile polymers, announced the official opening and launch of an industrial demonstration plant operating with its enzymatic recycling technology, C-ZYME, which was installed on the Cataroux site in Clermont-Ferrand.

“For more than 10 years, we have been creating innovative solutions to rethink the end of life of plastics and textiles,This industrial demonstration plant fulfils the promises of our enzymatic recycling process, C-ZYME. The continuous cycle of recycling PET waste is one step closer to becoming a reality!"

-Jean-Claude Lumaret, Carbios' Chief Executive Officer

The demonstration plant marks the culmination of the development of the C-ZYME technology. It will allow the validation of the enzymatic PET recycling process' technical, environmental, and economic performance, as well as the design of future industrial units. By the end of 2022, its operation will enable the complete engineering documents for the process (Process Design Package) to be drawn up for the building and operation of a 40,000-tonne/year capacity reference unit as well as future factories to be run under licensing agreements.

"The demonstration plant includes a 20m3 depolymerization reactor capable of processing 2 tonnes of PET per cycle, which is the equivalent of 100,000 bottles. This is a watershed moment, highlighting how this revolutionary process works on a large scale," added Mr. Lumaret.

The optimization of the operating parameters as well as the production of the monomer batches are now carried out by a team of 10 people. An initial hydrolysis has been successfully realized, confirming the upscaling of the process.

The C-ZYME recycling process uses an enzyme capable of depolymerizing PET (polyethylene terephthalate), which is found in a variety of plastic and textile items. The depolymerized monomers are purified before being repolymerized into PET of comparable quality to virgin PET derived from petrochemicals. Unlike traditional methods, Carbios' breakthrough enables unlimited recycling of all sorts of PET waste (clear, colored, opaque, complex plastics, polyester textiles) as well as the production of 100% recycled and 100% recyclable PET goods that maintain their virgin quality throughout the process.

About Carbios:
Carbios, a green chemistry company, develops biological and innovative processes representing a major innovation in the end of life of plastics and textiles. Through its unique approach of combining enzymes and plastics, Carbios aims to address new consumer expectations and the challenges of a broader ecological transition by taking up a major challenge of our time: plastic and textile pollution.

Established in 2011 by Truffle Capital, the mission of Carbios is to provide an industrial solution to the recycling of PET plastics and textiles (the dominant polymer in bottles, trays, textiles made of polyester). The enzymatic recycling technology developed by Carbios deconstructs any type of PET plastic waste into its basic components which can then be reused to produce new PET plastics of a quality equivalent to virgin ones. This PET innovation, the first of its kind in the world, was recently recognized in a scientific paper published in the prestigious journal Nature. Additionally, Carbios is working hand in hand with multinational brands — like L’Oréal, Nestlé Waters, PepsiCo and Suntory Beverage & Food Europe — to implement its technology, and to lead the transition toward a truly circular economy.

The Company has also developed an enzymatic biodegradation technology for PLA (a bio sourced polymer) based single use plastics. This technology can create a new generation of plastics that are 100% compostable in domestic conditions, integrating enzymes at the heart of the plastic product. This disruptive innovation has been licensed to Carbiolice, a joint venture created in 2016, which is now Carbios’ subsidiary.


Due to the high potential of petrochemical industry in the creation of environmental impact, environment impact assessment of the development of petrochemical industry is very important. The aim of this study is to provide and test a fuzzy model for environmental impact assessment of petrochemical industries as a decision support system in planning process and the development of petrochemical industry.


Due to the high potential of petrochemical industry in the creation of environmental impact, environment impact assessment of the development of petrochemical industry is very important. The aim of this study is to provide and test a fuzzy model for environmental impact assessment of petrochemical industries as a decision support system in planning process and the development of petrochemical industry.

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Flotek and Resolute Oil Collaborate To Expand Green Chemistry

Flotek | July 28, 2021

Flotek Industries, Inc., a leader in green specialty chemistries for industrial, commercial, and consumer markets, announced today a long-term agreement with Resolute Oil, a leader in high-quality white mineral oil for consumer and industrial customers, to leverage capabilities and facilities to drive growth in adjacent green chemistry markets. The agreement provides the opportunity to extend until 2036. Resolute Oil will use Flotek's entire 15-acre campus, including its 38,000 square foot chemical blending facility, in Waller, TX, to manufacture USP-NF-grade white mineral oil, which will be distributed globally to customers in the agricultural, energy, food & beverage, cosmetic, and personal care markets. Flotek's facility is designed for manufacturing green chemistries. In addition, it is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), allowing for the manufacturing of food-grade chemistries. Flotek has used its best-in-class research and innovation capabilities to become a worldwide leader in sustainable chemistry technologies serving clients in consumer and industrial sectors, with over 164 patent assets. Flotek and Resolute Oil's partnership will allow the companies to use their expertise and gain access to additional market verticals for mutual benefit. In addition, the company has substantial blending capability in its 90,000 square foot ISO 9001:2015-certified production plant in Marlow, OK. Flotek uses its production skills and capacity to blend products on behalf of suppliers in a contracted capacity. About Flotek Flotek Industries, Inc. develops solutions to minimize energy's environmental effect on air, water, land, and people. Flotek, technology-driven green chemistry, and data company, assist clients in the industrial, commercial, and consumer sectors to improve their Environmental, Social, and Governance performance. Chemistry Technologies is a division of Flotek that develops, produces, packages, distributes, delivers, and markets high-quality cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing products for commercial, governmental, and personal consumer use. Moreover, through its real-time data platforms and green chemistry technologies, Flotek enables the energy sector to maximize the value of its hydrocarbon streams and increase return on invested capital. Flotek services both local and international downstream, midstream, and upstream customers. Flotek is a publicly-traded company based in Houston, Texas, and its common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker code "FTK." About Resolute Oil Resolute Oil is a worldwide provider of specialty hydrocarbon products to various industries, including agriculture, oil and gas, ink, cosmetics, and personal care. Highly refined technical-, NF-, and USP-grade white mineral oils, base oils, low-aromatic solvents, and petrolatum are among our products. Resolute Oil's team has decades of experience, and we take pride in delivering industry-leading customer service. Resolute Oil has global storage, production, and packaging capabilities. MaxPar, MaxPure, MaxNap, MaxSol, and MaxSolv brands are known worldwide for their purity, performance, and consistency. In our state-of-the-art labs, Resolute Oil also collaborates with customers to develop and blend application-specific formulations.

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Knight Material Technologies Acquires Electro Chemical

Knight Material Technologies | May 19, 2022

Knight Material Technologies located in Canton, Ohio, has acquired Electro Chemical Engineering and Manufacturing Co. located in Emmaus, PA. KMT is a leading service provider and manufacturer in the corrosion-resistant materials industry, and EC is a leader in high-performance fluoropolymer-lined vessels. Combining the two companies' solutions will create a larger, complementary product offering that will drive expansion into new markets and industries. EC will benefit from KMT's expanded reach, including the U.S. Gulf Coast and global markets, while Knight will expand its solutions with EC's fluoropolymer vessels and other materials. The Gulf Coast region has not previously had a local manufacturer for the sales, project personnel and manufacturing of fluoropolymer-lined vessels. Utilizing KMT's Houston office, and fabrication facilities in Baytown, Texas, EC intends to expand into the region to assist local customers with broader range of both products and services. In addition to EC's various fluoropolymer vessel liners, including PVDF, ECTFE, ETFE, FEP, PFA, PTFE, and more. EC also has proprietary adhesive systems for sheet lining and plastic welding technology. "Electro Chemical and Knight Material Technologies have separate technology and service solutions within the same industries and even some of the same customers. Together, we will be able to become more of a complete solutions provider to our customers and create leverage that will accelerate the growth potential for both companies. This will be a win-win situation for our companies, customers and employees." Kevin Brooks, President of KMT Electro Chemical also owns a subsidiary, Superior Dual Laminate Products in Vancouver, BC. SDL focuses on producing FRP dual laminate equipment, including piping, headers, tanks and specialty equipment. Dual laminate equipment is the preferred corrosion-resistant material in various industries, including the chlor-alkali industry. "We are excited to add the innovation technology Electro Chemical offers to our product line," added Brooks. "The company provides proprietary services with technical differentiation and consistently brings industry-leading innovation to its customers, such as its work in increasing the temperature resistance of epoxy adhesives and new welding techniques." "This represents a tremendous opportunity for our company and workforce at EC," said Mike Bunner, President, who will remain with EC as a consultant through the transition period. "Throughout our 70+ year history, EC has focused on driving innovation and technology solutions for our customers. This acquisition extends our geographic reach and positions us to bring even more capabilities to our customers in ways that will strengthen our position as a premier provider of linings and coatings to some of the industry's most demanding applications." KMT expects that the workforce at both organizations will expand as business increases. Company officials added that additional resources will support increased capital equipment investments to meet future demand. About Knight Material Technologies Founded in 1910, Knight Material Technologies designs, installs, services and manufactures custom acid-resistant linings used in highly corrosive processes for the chemical and mining industries worldwide. Headquartered in East Canton, OH, the company sells products in more than 40 countries with sales offices in Australia and Chile and a fabrication shop in Baytown, Texas. In addition, KMT produces industry-leading ceramic packing media for chemical process and regenerative thermal oxidation systems with customers in a wide range of industrial applications. About Electro Chemical Since 1949, Electro Chemical has been creating innovative and leading technologies in fluoropolymer lining and coating systems for pressure vessels, tanks, distribution equipment and internal components. EC corrosion protection systems are reliable and durable while providing lower capital costs than alternative solutions. Located in Emmaus, PA, EC also has a subsidiary, Superior Dual Laminate Products (SDL), located in Vancouver, BC, focusing on FRP dual laminate equipment, including piping and headers, tanks and specialty equipment.

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Element Solutions Inc Acquires Chemical Developer HSO Herbert Schmidt GmbH

Element Solutions Inc | January 28, 2022

Element Solutions Inc announced that it has acquired HSO Herbert Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG, a privately-held, multi-national developer of surface finishing technology and chemistry headquartered in Solingen, Germany. Founded in 1936, HSO develops and manufactures highly-specialized solutions for decorative and functional surface finishing with a focus on environmentally sustainable products, especially in the field of Plating on Plastics. In 2021, HSO was certified as a climate-neutral electroplating operation functioning under the values of sustainability and climate protection. Future results from this tuck-in acquisition will be reported in the Company’s Industrial & Specialty segment. About Element Solutions Inc Element Solutions Inc is a leading specialty chemicals company whose businesses supply a broad range of solutions that enhance the performance of products people use every day. Developed in multi-step technological processes, these innovative solutions enable customers' manufacturing processes in several key industries, including consumer electronics, power electronics, semiconductor fabrication, communications and data storage infrastructure, automotive systems, industrial surface finishing, consumer packaging and offshore energy.

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