Axalta will Acquire U-POL, a Leading Manufacturer of Automotive Aftermarket Paints, Protective Coatings, and Accessories

Axalta | July 08, 2021

Axalta Coating Systems, a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, announced today that it has entered into definitive agreements to acquire U-POL Holdings Limited from Graphite Capital Management LLP and other holders for £428 million (approximately $590 million), subject to certain adjustments stated in the transaction's Sale and Purchase Agreements.

U-POL, located in the United Kingdom, was founded in 1948 and is a leading manufacturer of repair and refinish products used mainly for automotive refinish and aftermarket protective applications. The company manufactures a wide variety of high-quality automotive refinishing goods and accessories, such as fillers, coatings, aerosols, adhesives, and paint-related products, as well as other automotive aftermarket protective coatings. U-POL distributes its products in over 100 countries and is well-known for its top brands, such as Raptor, Dolphin, and Gold. Axalta will accelerate the expansion of U-products POL's by increasing market access via Axalta's current sales and distribution channels while using U-distribution POL's networks to reach new clients with its Refinish Coatings portfolio.

U-POL's talented global organization and its production facility and R&D lab in Wellingborough, England, bring huge capabilities to the company's commercial, manufacturing, and technology organizations, improving Axalta's capacity to serve customers worldwide.

For the fiscal year 2021, U-POL expects net sales of about $145 million and adjusted EBITDA of around $38 million. Axalta expects substantial operational and commercial benefits throughout the merged global businesses. Annual operating savings and efficiency of about $10 million are anticipated to be fully achieved within 18 to 24 months after the transaction's completion. The entire consideration of approximately $590 million reflects an adjusted EBITDA multiple of about 12.5x for the full year 2021E, including run-rate operating synergies and efficiencies. Furthermore, the identified commercial efficiencies are expected to provide significant value over time. As a result, Axalta expects that the acquisition will be immediately accretive to adjusted EBITDA margin, excluding transaction-related costs. Axalta intends to fund the acquisition using cash on hand.

About Graphite Capital
Graphite is a specialized provider of private equity financing to UK-based mid-market companies. Graphite invests in both management buyouts and development capital opportunities.

About Axalta Coating Systems
Axalta is a global coating industry leader, offering clients innovative, colorful, beautiful, and long-lasting coating solutions. Our coatings are intended to prevent corrosion, improve productivity, and enhance durability in a wide range of applications, including light vehicles, commercial vehicles, and refinish applications, as well as electric motors, building facades, and other industrial uses. With over 150 years of expertise in the coatings industry, Axalta's global team is always looking for new ways to provide the best coatings, application systems, and technology to our more than 100,000 clients in over 130 countries.


A B2B E-Commerce platform also provides companies with access to real-time data and insights that can help to inform and guide their business decisions.


A B2B E-Commerce platform also provides companies with access to real-time data and insights that can help to inform and guide their business decisions.

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SP Chemicals Selects Lummus' CATOFIN and Novolen Technologies

prnewswire | April 06, 2023

Lummus Technology, a global provider of process technologies and value-driven energy solutions, announced an integrated technology award from SP Chemicals and its subsidiary SP Olefins. SP Chemicals will license Lummus' CATOFIN® technology for a new 800 KTA propane dehydrogenation (PDH) unit, and SP Olefins will license Lummus' Novolen® technology for a new 400 KTA polypropylene (PP) unit. Both units will be located at SP Chemicals' complex in Jiangsu Province, China. "We are grateful to SP Chemicals and SP Olefins for their confidence in Lummus' integrated technology solutions," said Leon de Bruyn, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lummus Technology. "CATOFIN and Novolen have very strong market positions due to their high reliability and robustness, lower capital and operating expenses, environmental performance, flexibility and broad product capability and simple processes. Being able to combine these solutions, plus providing a single-point responsibility during the entire life cycle of both units, highlights the competitive advantages our customers gain when they select Lummus." Lummus' scope includes the process design package and technology licenses for the CATOFIN and Novolen technologies, plus technical services, training and catalyst supply. CATOFIN is an industry-leading method for light paraffin dehydrogenation that delivers excellent annual production output compared to alternative technologies. The process operates at thermodynamically advantaged reactor pressure and temperature to maximize conversion of propane to propylene, while reducing investment and operating costs. Novolen PP technology has been the most licensed PP technology globally since 2020. It features the Novolen ComPPact™ gas-phase reactors which are the most efficient reactors for the PP industry, resulting in the smallest volume, lowest cost, and enabling simple and efficient product discharge. The technology is highly flexible, robust, energy efficient and allows production of a full grade slate of leading PP products of all product families, including homopolymers, random copolymers, impact copolymers and rTPO's. About Lummus Technology Lummus Technology is the global leader in developing technology solutions that make modern life possible and focus on a more sustainable, low carbon future. We license process technologies in clean fuels, renewables, petrochemicals, polymers, gas processing and supply lifecycle services, catalysts, proprietary equipment and digitalization to customers worldwide.

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Carbios Licensing Documentation Ready for Worldwide Industrial and Commercial Deployment of Its PET Biorecycling Technology

Businesswire | April 10, 2023

Carbios a pioneer in the development and industrialization of biological technologies to reinvent the life cycle of plastics and textiles, is geared up for the global commercialization of its PET biorecycling technology. The successful ongoing operations in its demonstration unit in Clermont-Ferrand and the advanced engineering study for its first commercial plant define the engineering basis and operational guidelines for units to be operated under license agreements. From technology promotion with the Technical Information Summary to project development with a specific Process Design Package and Process Book, future Carbios licensees will be handed all necessary process documentation to reliably engineer, procure, construct and operate their PET biorecycling plants under stringent HSE1 standards and with high product quality. PET producers and chemical companies are natural potential customers for a technology that allows a true circularity for PET with alternative feedstock to petro-sourced monomers, and that is fully compatible with existing polymerization plants. By providing value to all possible sources of PET feedstock including complex plastic packaging and textile waste, Carbios also aims to reach out to other players in the value chain such as waste management companies and public entities. Carbios’ technology also provides a solution to brand owners in order to meet growing regulatory requirements as well as their own ambitious sustainability objectives for the inclusion of r-PET in their products and packaging. “As the leading company in the industrialization of biorecyling technology, Carbios is keen to bring its solution for plastic and textile circularity at scale to partners around the world,” commented Stéphane Ferreira, Chief Business Officer of Carbios. “Wherever there is plastic use, there is a need for eco-responsible recycling. At Carbios, we are ready to deploy our biorecycling technology and contribute concretely to the circular economy of plastic.” The new industrial milestone complements the collaborations with brand owners within Carbios’ two consortiums, and the exclusive long-term partnership with Novozymes, the world leader in enzyme production, which ensures the supply of enzymes to the Carbios reference unit and future licensed plants. “With the engineering documentation now made available, we have reached a new industrial milestone on schedule in the deployment of our PET biorecycling technology,” said Lionel Arras, Industrial Development Director of Carbios. “Putting this documentation together is a significant achievement and I thank all our engineering teams from our demonstration and reference units for their hard work,” added Frédéric Alarcon, Licensing Manager of Carbios. About Carbios Established in 2011 by Truffle Capital, Carbios is a green chemistry company, developing biological and innovative processes. Through its unique approach of combining enzymes and plastics, Carbios aims to address new consumer expectations and the challenges of a broad ecological transition by taking up a major challenge of our time: plastic and textile pollution. Carbios deconstructs any type of PET into its basic components which can then be reused to produce new PET plastics with equivalent quality to virgin ones. This PET innovation, the first of its kind in the world, was recently recognized in a scientific paper published on the front cover of the prestigious journal Nature. Carbios successfully started up its demonstration plant in Clermont-Ferrand in 2021. It has now taken another key step towards the industrialization of its process with the construction of a first-of-a-kind unit in partnership with Indorama Ventures.

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LSB Industries and Amogy Announce Collaboration Agreement to Develop End-to-End Supply Chain of Low-Carbon Ammonia as Transportation Fuel

Businesswire | May 31, 2023

LSB Industries, Inc. and Amogy Inc. jointly announced they have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) aimed at promoting the adoption of low-carbon ammonia as a marine fuel, initially for the U.S. inland waterways transportation sector. Through joint efforts, the companies will focus on advancing the understanding, utilization, and advocacy of low-carbon ammonia as a sustainable fuel. Pursuant to the MOU, the companies will collaborate on the evaluation and development of a pilot program that integrates LSB’s low carbon ammonia and Amogy’s ammonia-to-power solution. Upon successful completion of the evaluation and pilot program, the companies expect to further collaborate on a larger-scale development, including exploration of opportunities for development of an end-to-end supply chain of low carbon ammonia and deployment of Amogy technology across multiple applications, including maritime vessels. The evaluation and pilot program includes potential engagement with other parties across the ammonia value chain. The two parties will also collaborate on various advocacy, education, and outreach efforts regarding the use of ammonia as a fuel. President, and Chief Executive Officer of LSB Industries, Mark Behrman, stated, “Our vision at LSB is to be a leader in the energy transition through the production of low and no carbon products. This collaboration agreement is an exciting step in our journey toward achieving our goals and we’re thrilled to be working with such an outstanding partner in Amogy.” “We’re delighted by this opportunity to work with LSB to advance the development of a low-carbon ammonia supply chain primarily in the US,” says Seonghoon Woo, CEO of Amogy. “The success of this collaboration will be a key step toward solidifying ammonia's position as a comprehensive solution for decarbonizing the commercial transportation sector across the entire value chain, from the upstream production to the downstream usage.” About LSB Industries, Inc. LSB Industries, Inc., headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is committed to playing a leadership role in the energy transition through the production of low and no carbon products that build, feed and power the world. The LSB team is dedicated to building a culture of excellence in customer experiences as we currently deliver essential products across the agricultural, industrial, and mining end markets and, in the future, the energy markets. The company manufactures ammonia and ammonia-related products at facilities in Cherokee, Alabama, El Dorado, Arkansas and Pryor, Oklahoma and operates a facility for a global chemical company in Baytown, Texas.

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