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AMP Robotics and Waste Connections Reach Recycling Technology Milestone

AMP Robotics and Waste Connections | June 29, 2022

AMP Robotics
AMP Robotics Corp. a pioneer in AI, robotics, and infrastructure for the waste and recycling industry, has expanded its partnership with Waste Connections, Inc. its largest customer. Since late 2020, Waste Connections has booked or deployed 50 of AMP’s high-speed robotics systems on plastic, fiber, and residue lines, becoming the largest operator of AI-guided robotics in the industry.

It’s gratifying to reach this milestone with a leader in resource recovery like Waste Connections. We’ve worked tirelessly to deliver AI and robotics systems that modernize today’s recycling operations by increasing productivity, stabilizing costs, and improving the quality and value of recycled commodities. We remain committed to the continuous enhancement of our AI and automation solutions to stay ahead of industry challenges, exceed customer expectations, and support the industry’s sustainability and climate goals.”

Matanya Horowitz, founder and CEO of AMP Robotics

AMP’s technology identifies and recovers plastics, cardboard, paper, cans, cartons, and many other containers and packaging types reclaimed for raw material processing. For example, AMP recovers a portfolio of #1-#7 plastics in a variety of different form factors, colors, and opacities with high precision and purity. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) together account for a majority of recycled plastic demand, with growing interest in polypropylene (PP)—a highly recyclable polymer with high demand in food-safe applications and flexibility to accommodate packaging in a variety of shapes and sizes. The ability to precisely separate different plastics and other recyclables with AI-driven sorting is helping recyclers meet the soaring need for sufficient quantities of high-quality recycled content from brands and packaging producers.

“We’re excited to expand our relationship with AMP,” said Dan Kurtz, director of recycling for Waste Connections. “We’re impressed by the reliability of the robotics systems and the quality of the end product. We look forward to our continued partnership with AMP as we advance our sustainability initiatives.”

About AMP Robotics® Corp.
AMP Robotics is modernizing the world’s recycling infrastructure by applying AI and automation to increase recycling rates and economically recover recyclables reclaimed as raw materials for the global supply chain. The AMP Cortex™ high-speed robotics system automates the identification and sorting of recyclables from mixed material streams. The AMP Neuron™ AI platform continuously trains itself by recognizing different colors, textures, shapes, sizes, patterns, and even brand labels to identify materials and their recyclability. Neuron then guides robots to pick and place the material to be recycled. Designed to run 24/7, all of this happens at superhuman speed with extremely high accuracy. AMP Clarity™ provides data and material characterization on what recyclables are captured and missed, helping recycling businesses and producers maximize recovery. With deployments across North America, Asia, and Europe, AMP’s technology recovers recyclables from municipal collection, precious commodities from electronic scrap, high-value materials from construction and demolition debris, and valuable feedstocks from organic material.

About Waste Connections
Waste Connections is an integrated solid waste services company that provides non-hazardous waste collection, transfer and disposal services, along with resource recovery primarily through recycling and renewable fuels generation. Waste Connections serves more than eight million residential, commercial, and industrial customers in mostly exclusive and secondary markets across 44 states in the U.S. and six provinces in Canada. Waste Connections also provides non-hazardous oilfield waste treatment, recovery, and disposal services in several basins across the U.S., as well as intermodal services for the movement of cargo and solid waste containers in the Pacific Northwest.



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Zelandez Launches New Specialized Lithium Brine Recycling Service

prnewswire | August 28, 2023

Zelandez, the leading global provider of services to the lithium brine industry, today announced the availability of its new specialized lithium brine reinjection service. The innovative new service, believed to be an industry first, combines hydrochemistry with traditional reinjection techniques used extensively in the oil and gas market and deployed in lithium mines. The tailored service will provide lithium brine extractors with a full characterization of their reservoirs and optimize the location of injector wells and producer wells. It also includes the design of a reinjection plan that maintains aquifer pressure, ensures the production of preferred brines, whilst also protecting freshwater assets. The global demand for sustainable sources of lithium has created a race to develop "Direct Lithium Extraction" technologies (DLE). This is typically used by lithium brine extractors to separate lithium from the salty water held in oil and gas reservoirs and in underground brine aquifers. However, the challenge is that when DLE is used, the lithium producer is left with a lot of depleted brine that must go somewhere and underground reinjection is the obvious solution. "The impetus behind the development of our specialized lithium brine reinjection service is that the normal methods of reinjection, historically used in the oil and gas industry and borrowed by the lithium industry, are simply not delivering the desired results. We all know that oil doesn't mix with water and depleted lithium brine is miscible with the underlying asset," says Gene Morgan, CEO of Zelandez. During Zelandez's research and development process, the importance of integrating hydrochemistry into traditional reinjection techniques became very apparent. "This process totally changes the aquifer management plan and enhances protection of freshwater water assets. Our new service takes the lithium brine sector significantly closer to true mastery of the subsurface. So much so, that in the lithium brine market we feel that it really shouldn't even be called "reinjection." It's much more accurate to call what we are doing 'Brine Recycling,'" says Morgan. Commenting on Zelandez's approach, Lee Ann Munk, Geochemical Modelling Lead at Zelandez says, "As the demand for lithium increases, there will be significant attention focused on how lithium brine extractors can effectively manage their byproducts and wastewater. We believe our methodology is groundbreaking and will change the way the industry tackles a challenge that no lithium brine extraction company has managed to adequately resolve – 'what do you do with depleted brine?'" Zelandez's lithium brine reinjection service will enable lithium brine extractors to achieve enhanced levels of environmental stewardship, mining productivity, and resource and risk management. Zelandez recently entered the North American market. Its US expansion was driven by key issues impacting the US domestic lithium mining industry. The company's client base includes industry giants such as Rio Tinto, Albemarle, and Allkem. It holds a dominant position as the world's provider of lithium brinefield services. About Zelandez Zelandez is the leading brinefield services provider to the lithium-brine industry. The company provides a comprehensive suite of advanced exploration and extraction tools, that empowers its clients with valuable insights and data-driven decision-making. It also provides lithium mining companies with full wrap-around integrated services, leveraging advanced geophysical technologies and expert geoscience know-how. Zelandez works with leading lithium mining companies in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, the United States of America, and Canada.

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Bakelite Synthetics Announces Agreement to Acquire LRBG Chemicals, Inc.

businesswire | August 29, 2023

Bakelite Synthetics announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase and acquire LRBG Chemicals, Inc., a Canadian resin manufacturer and developer, with facilities in Longueuil (Montreal) Quebec. With the completion of this acquisition, Bakelite Synthetics adds to its strong portfolio of products and customers, as well as builds on its growth strategy of sustainably delivering innovative solutions to customers. LRBG Chemicals manufactures high-quality resins and derivative products that are used in a wide variety of applications serving the building and construction, transportation, industrial and chemical intermediate markets worldwide. Its plants, knowledge and experience have been developed over the last 80 years and it has a customer-driven research and development focus with strong technical knowledge and support, closely aligned to Bakelite Synthetics business model. “This acquisition allows Bakelite to expand its footprint into Canada and to better serve the northeastern regions of Canada and the U.S.,” said JP Aucoin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Bakelite Synthetics. “We look forward to welcoming LRBG Chemicals’ associates to Bakelite Synthetics, with its rich history of customized product development and customer service, as we seek to expand our combined businesses.” Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the combined company consists of approximately 1,500 associates and 21 manufacturing sites operating in 12 countries. The transaction is expected to close in August, subject to customary regulatory approvals and other closing conditions. About Bakelite Synthetics Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Bakelite Synthetics is a leading global integrated producer of thermoset specialty resins, solutions and engineered thermoset molding compounds serving a variety of segments and end markets across geographies.

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Piedmont Lithium Partners Release Technical Studies

Businesswire | July 03, 2023

Piedmont Lithium a developer of lithium resources critical to the U.S. electric vehicle supply chain, today announced that partners Atlantic Lithium (AIM: ALL; ASX: A11) and Sayona Mining (ASX: SYA) have released technical studies on the Ewoyaa Lithium Project (“Ewoyaa”) in Ghana and the producing North American Lithium project (“NAL”) in Quebec, respectively. Atlantic Lithium Limited recently published a JORC Code-compliant definitive feasibility study (“DFS”) for Ewoyaa. When implementing a mine plan developed on the basis of 25.6 million metric tons at 1.22% Li2O of probable ore reserves only and excluding any mineral resources in the inferred category, the DFS delivers a production target of 340,000 metric tons per year of spodumene concentrate, half of which is expected to be delivered to Piedmont Lithium under the Company’s 50% allocation of production from Atlantic Lithium’s Ghanaian projects. The DFS projected robust economics for Ewoyaa, demonstrating an estimated after-tax net present value of US$1.4 billion and an after-tax internal rate of return of more than 100%. Piedmont Lithium is in the process of earning a 50% ownership interest in Ewoyaa. Based on completion of the DFS and Piedmont Lithium’s election to proceed into project development, the Company expects to earn the first 22.5% ownership interest in Ewoyaa. Atlantic Lithium is progressing through the mine permitting process, targeting construction at Ewoyaa to commence in the second half of 2024, with first production expected in 2025. Sayona Mining Limited released a preliminary technical study for lithium carbonate production at the operating NAL mine. NAL is jointly owned by Sayona Mining (75%) and Piedmont Lithium (25%). The NAL site includes a lithium carbonate facility that was partially completed by prior owners of the operation. Sayona Mining and Piedmont Lithium plan to work together with technical advisors to perform a trade-off study of lithium carbonate versus lithium hydroxide production at NAL, with a definitive technical study to follow for publication sometime in 2024. Spodumene concentrate operations at NAL have been ramping up since first production in March 2023, and first commercial shipments to customers are expected in Q3 2023. Keith Phillips, President and CEO of Piedmont Lithium, commented, “We are grateful for the outstanding work by our partners at Atlantic Lithium and Sayona Mining in advancing these projects. We expect Ewoyaa to provide the primary feedstock for Tennessee Lithium and are in the final stages of securing the material permits needed to construct and operate the conversion facility. We look forward to the first spodumene shipments from NAL, expected in Q3 2023, and to confirming Piedmont’s transition from lithium developer to lithium producer.” Atlantic Lithium and Sayona Mining are not subject to U.S. reporting requirements or obligations, and investors are cautioned not to put undue reliance on these statements. About Piedmont Lithium Piedmont Lithium is developing a world-class, multi-asset, integrated lithium business focused on enabling the transition to a net zero world and the creation of a clean energy economy in North America. Our goal is to become one of the largest lithium hydroxide producers in North America by processing spodumene concentrate produced from assets where we hold an economic interest. Our projects include our Carolina Lithium and Tennessee Lithium projects in the United States and partnerships in Quebec with Sayona Mining (ASX: SYA) and in Ghana with Atlantic Lithium (AIM: ALL; ASX: A11). These geographically diversified operations will enable us to play a pivotal role in supporting America’s move toward energy independence and the electrification of transportation and energy storage.

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