908 Devices Introduces a New Aerosol Module for the MX908 Handheld

Aerosol, Handheld | May 12, 2021

908 Devices, a pioneer of purpose-built handheld and desktop mass spec devices for chemical and biomolecular analysis, today announced updates to the MX908 handheld mass spec device, including a first-of-its-kind aerosol module to detect and identify aerosolized chemical threats, additional targets allowing responders to recognize additional priority drug substances, and activation of a Bl device. These new features fill in gaps in responders' workflows and speed chemical detection at the point of need for a variety of missions.

The Aero: Detect and identify toxic aerosols and vapor threats

The MX908 with Aero provides real-time surveillance for aerosolized risks such as chemical warfare agents, fourth-generation agents, pharmaceutical-based agents, opioids, and other substances. The MX908 delivers instantly actionable data to direct response procedures for responders, including chemical and hazmat teams, law enforcement, and international customs officers, within seconds – ensuring that if a responder discovers an extremely toxic and unknown threat, they are encouraged to step ahead with swift and intelligent remediation.

Added Targets: Robust library for users identifying trace levels of controlled substances

The handheld system will now track and classify a broader range of cathinone and cannabinoids, as well as pick phenylethylamines, as part of 908 Devices' ongoing investment in extending MX908's hazard identification capability. Synthetic cannabinoids and cathinone are among the most widely abused substances in the United States, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration's annual report, National Drug Threat Assessment, with new varieties often released and increasing in prevalence. Such updates to the MX908 priority list are critical for responding officers detecting these drugs in urban areas and at crime scenes including drug smuggling, transport, and distribution.

About 908 Devices
With its simple handheld and desktop devices, 908 Devices is democratizing laboratory mass spectrometry and tackling critical-to-life applications. The Company's tools are used at the point-of-need to interrogate unknown and invisible materials and provide fast, actionable answers to some of the most important problems in life sciences research, bioprocessing, pharma/biopharma, forensics, and adjacent markets. The company is based in the heart of Boston and creates innovative products that combine the power of mass spectrometry, microfluidic separations, software automation, and machine learning.


The purpose of this document is to outline aspects associated with the management of chemicals at all Curtin University sites. This includes purchasing, safe use, storage, management, transportation and disposal of chemicals. There may be other standards and legislation in addition to those outlined in this document that may need to be considered as applicable.


The purpose of this document is to outline aspects associated with the management of chemicals at all Curtin University sites. This includes purchasing, safe use, storage, management, transportation and disposal of chemicals. There may be other standards and legislation in addition to those outlined in this document that may need to be considered as applicable.

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