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Flammable liquids are some of the most common substances used and stored at workplaces in Australian. Petrol, paints, glue — it sounds like the contents of every garden shed in the country. But at busy job sites that generate sparks, heat, friction, flames and static electricity these familiar substances can flashback, auto-ignite, or explode — creating rapidly burning fires and thick toxic smoke. Even small quantities of flammable liquids are best stored in a flammable liquids cabinet, and this blog will help you choose one. Any flammable liquids cabinet that holds more than 250 litres of chemical is considered a large capacity cabinet and has additional construction specifications. First, the exterior of the cabinet must be at least 1mm thick. Second, the cabinet must not stand taller than 2 metres from floor level. Your next consideration is ensuring the flammable liquids cabinet has a spill containment sump to catch leaks and seepage from broken or damaged containers. The spill sump must be located at the base of the cabinet and be at least 150mm deep. It must also be liquid-tight. The spill sump must be left clear and never used as shelving or a storage area. READ MORE