4 Trends Disrupting The Chemicals Industry

STEFAN GUERTZGEN | August 22, 2018

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The Chinese zodiac calendar says it’s the Year of the Dog, but in the chemicals industry, 2018 might be more appropriately dubbed the Year of the Tiger for the pace at which the business is changing its stripes. This year we’ve seen a continued shift in supply centers due to the rise of shale gas in the United States and the move from coal to olefins in China, for example. Demand centers are shifting, too, due to a rapidly growing middle class in such places as the Asia Pacific region and Latin America. The accelerated globalization of the chemicals market is one of four major trends that we see shaping the chemical industry through the remainder of 2018 and beyond.


Vantage Specialty Chemicals

Vantage Specialty Chemicals (Vantage) is a leading provider of natural based specialty chemicals focused on personal care, food, consumer, and industrial end markets.


Removal of non-industrial chemicals from the NICNAS Inventory

Article | March 23, 2020

The Australian Government announced its intention to implement reforms to the way in which industrial chemicals are regulated. The reforms are intended to streamline the process of assessing industrial chemicals to reduce the regulatory burden and to make regulatory effort more proportionate to risk. The Industrial Chemicals Act, which was passed by Parliament in February of 2019 and received Royal Assent in March of 2019, creates a new framework for the regulation of imported or manufactured industrial chemicals. The new scheme, referred to as the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme, or AICIS, will replace the current National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme, referred to as NICNAS.

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Improving Pump Seal Reliability for Bay Area Petrochem Plants

Article | March 10, 2020

Keeping thousands of pumps in San Francisco Bay Area refineries running 24/7/365 requires a well-planned and well-executed maintenance strategy. Unplanned failures may have ramifications for safety, budget, and compliance—especially with regard to Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) regulations. One of the most mission-critical elements for smooth operations is pump seal reliability. Many plants run pumps outside the safe operating envelope and replace them only when economically feasible. Over time, however, you increasingly risk catastrophic downtime. Fortunately, you have the means to largely mitigate pump seal reliability problems with awareness and proactive management of conditions to improve safety and compliance.

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When chemistry becomes intelligent

Article | March 5, 2020

Nowadays, artificial intelligence (AI) and computer programs have infiltrated almost every corner of our lives; from facial recognition, language translation, image and video production, to self-driving cars and personal care aides. Other applications that might not yet be mainstream knowledge have to do with scientific exploration and research and development. For example, AI has the potential to revolutionize medical practices through augmenting medical diagnosis and have found application in drug discovery. In many places, researchers have also attempted to use AI algorithms to manipulate biology, chemistry, and physics with different setup configurations that can detect DNA modifications caused during epigenetic regulation or gene mutation, choose the most optimal reaction pathways in synthesis, and search for exotic particles using adapted learning networks.

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What are Fine Chemicals & Why you should Outsource its Production

Article | March 25, 2020

Fine chemicals are those which are produced with a very high standard of purity and are intended for use in specialized applications. If you are starting a new company or investing into the development phase of a new product, outsourcing the production really makes good sense. This safeguards you and your business from the financial losses suffered out of halting the production of a product unevenly. A single substance created with the assistance of chemical reactions, which is additionally integrated into highly evolved applications is called a fine chemical. In contrast to bulk chemicals that are produced in large quantities, fine chemicals are produced in small batches because of their specialized nature. They are mainly used as starting materials for pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals & biopharmaceuticals.

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