3 Major Reasons the Chemical Industry is Going Digital

ANNE SLINEY | November 5, 2018

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Digital technology and the data it creates and manages are bringing tremendous growth and transformation to the chemicals industry. The chemicals sector is really a group of industries, from base chemicals, beauty products, and paints, to fragrances and more. But one thing they share is the pressure of staying current with the ever-increasing transformation in digital technology, international competition, and consumer demand.


DC Fine Chemicals Ltd

DC Fine Chemicals supplies a wide range of specialty fine chemicals in semi-bulk quantities as well as biochemicals for the life science and pharmaceutical industries.


We need a global agreement that sets targets for reducing plastic waste

Article | May 20, 2021

What follows is an entirely personal take on the challenge of plastic waste and does not represent the views of ICIS or any other expert opinion I have sought out. The views are put forward in the spirit of debate as we move forward, as an industry, to solve the crisis of plastic waste.

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The Trump EPA’s “Working Approach” to new chemical reviews is only working for the chemical industry

Article | February 23, 2020

The Trump EPA has worked very hard to render this long-awaited update of its approach to reviewing new chemicals under TSCA an empty exercise. Despite Administrator Wheeler’s promises in January 2019 to the contrary: EPA has still failed to provide any legal or scientific justification for its Working Approach. EPA provided no actual response to the many detailed comments it received on its 2017 framework, instead issuing a 1.5-page document that dismisses many of the comments merely as having “stemmed from a misunderstanding of the Agency’s intent.”

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The Benefits of Understanding Safety Data Sheets for the Industrial Hygienist

Article | February 13, 2020

As an industrial hygienist, you spend a lot of your time making data-driven decisions. Have you considered the impact of the traceability of the safety data sheets (SDSs) you use to protect your workers? SDSs contain a wealth of information that needs to be evaluated, but who’s writing and reviewing them? Is it someone who has been recognized as a Safety Data Sheet Registered Professional (SDSRPTM)—an expert in their area of practice? The SDSRP designation may not be widely recognizable yet, but it is a very important and unique program in the world of hazard communication.

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What Are Fine Chemicals?

Article | March 27, 2020

The initial versions of drugs were produced by extracting substances from natural herbs and other plants. As understanding and technology in chemistry continued to grow, scientists figured out to isolate and extract a lot more individual compounds from raw materials. The complicated processes that produce these simple, pure substances form the field of fine chemistry. The chemical industry is separated into branches, with fine chemicals serving as the smallest segment of them. Its companions are commodities and specialty chemicals. Commodity chemicals are those that are mass-produced on a big scale to supply global markets. They include general compounds that are the same from supplier to supplier. Specialty chemicals usually are sold as brand name products and are advertised for their distinct qualities and their abilities to carry out functions that other chemicals cannot. They are composed of one or more fine chemicals.

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